Sunday, May 29, 2016

You probably know what this post is about. Yes, the famous musketeers.

It is set in the streets of seventeenth century Paris, where law and order is more of an idea than a reality.

Let's go to the characters.

She leads a comfortable but dull existence with her cloth merchant husband Bonacieux. But after meeting D'Artagnan she becomes an integral part of the Musketeer's adventures and a rescourceful ally and companion. Constance is a joy- funny, beautiful, earthy and fearless.

 She is a clever and enterprising young woman who could dearly like a stronger place in her husband's affections and a role in the government of France. But it is clear that King Louis has little interest in her. He ragards Anne as too serious and is intimidated by her cleverness and wit. Although she is loyal to her husband, Anne falls in love with the Musketeer Aramis. After nearly ten years of marriage, Anne remains childless.
Milady de Winter is the Cardinal's secret weapon- a deadly and merciless assassin. Milady is brought up in poverty, she is linked to the Musketeers by a dark secret. She was married with the Musketeer Athos.
A loner by nature but a faithful friend, Aramis is a complex figure. Aramis has the most romantic heart of the Musketeers. He possesses a deep insight into human nature and puts his faith in a deity who understands and forgives its many contradictions.
 A great fighter and a loyal friend. Raised in desperate proverty and triumphing over every kind of adversity, Porthos has finally found his true family in the Musketeers. Self-educated, as quick in thought as he is in action, Porthos has a lively sense of humor but he is not a man to cross.
Although still young, D'Artagnan has seen enough of the world despise its corruption and compromise. He is raised in the country and trained as a fighter since he was a boy, only Athos can match his skill with a sword. He falls in love with Constance Bonacieux, he marries with her at the end of season 2.
He is brilliant in sword fighting. He is the one who binds the Musketeers together. He is a natural leader. At the first sight he can appear arrogant but his offhand manner disguises a deep capacity for friendship.
He is an weak, intelligent but lazy, ruler of France. His first minister was Cardinal Richelieu. Louis wants to be a good king for his country. He remains loyal to his Musketeers and supports them whenever he can. He always hunts.
 To the Musketeers, he is both commander and father-figure; their adoration and respect for him knows no bounds. Treville orders the Musketeers' missions, keeps an eye on them.
He is the most powerful man in France, I must say was. In the eyes of the Musketeers, he is a villian and a power-hunger dictator. He knows the King's weaknesses all too well and understands that someone must take on the burden of government in his place. Richelieu is loyal to the crown.
He is a man of many secrets. His return to France is a surprise to all, and as a old acquaintance of the Queen he is warmly welcomed in the Royal Court. As one of Cardinal's men, Rochefort is akin in his disdain for the Musketeers.

Well, this were the characters. I will not do season 3, because I didn't looked it yet. One day I will.
My favorite of the Musketeers is Porthos. He is very friendly and loyal. I know the other Musketeers are also loyal to the King, but Porthos is my favorite. Of all characters I think my favorite is Constance or Queen Anne.


  1. The CARDINAL! It's Peter! Ahem.. Peter Capaldi is one of my most favourite actors in the world although his role in this is a bit......not good

    1. Yes, it is him indeed. Yes, he is not very good in this movie.