Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Short Announcement

Good morning to you all, dear followers and readers.....

I have to say I'm going to take a break, I will be away for two weeks. I know, it's a long time, but I will go on a two week-holliday.  
I will miss you all!

You can comment whenever you want, I don't mind, I just don't answer it so quickly. 

Emma and Olivia, I am so sorry to say I can not be joining your lovely and wonderful blog party Legends of Western Cinema Week. But when I'm back, I will read all of the lovely post you made by the time. And I will comment. :)

I will be back at the 17 August or 16 August, I hope. :D
The Royal family, I happen to find this lovely picture on Pinterest

I will do the answers of the actress game after I come back. Today it will be a busy day, packing bags and making everything ready, so there isn't any time to do the answers.

And maybe there will be a new blog look in August, who knows? :)

Goodbye my dear friends! 


  1. Well, we shall miss you! Have tons of fun!

  2. Rachel, I hope you are having a marvelous day and I know you said you were taking a break but I did want to let you know that I tagged you here:
    It's entirely optional! Again, hope you're having a lovely time! :D