Sunday, July 24, 2016

Emma (2009) - Review

There are a lot of versions of Emma, but I love the 2009 versions. My favourite. Allright, I haven't seen any of the other versions. Maybe they are fun, but I rather stick with this one.
I'm a fan of Jane Austen and have seen every adaption of movies of her books. Not all, only Emma (2009), Persuasion (2007), Northanger Abbey (2007) and Pride and Prejudice (2005). 
When I was little, fourteen I think, my sisters and I always played Jane Austen. We have several regency dresses. I wouldn't play it know, but it is always fun to look back on these past days. Anyway, we must continue on Emma.
I love the nature, the houses and the lovely characters.
Did I mention the costumes? Oh, they are so lovely. One word...beautiful. I was always fond of Jane Austen costumes.
I love everything about Emma. I really love the dancing. It's so splendid and well done. 
Emma is directed by Jim O'Hanlon. I don't know any of his other movies, but this one is lovely.
I love Emma. She's my favourite character, I always see myself in her, except I am not a matchmaker. :) I love her and Mr Knightley together. She's kind, a little bit daring and a matchmaker. And I love her dresses. I'm not very fond of Romola Garai, because she plays in lot of movies that aren't so good as Emma, but she is lovely.
I think this is the only movie where I really like Johnny Lee Miller. O.K. he plays in Mansfield Park, but I don't really like him there. Mr Knightley is a kind and loyal man. He helps Emma a lot. 
The Eltons are rather dull. I don't like them. But I was suprised to find out that Christina Cole, who plays Mrs Elton, also plays in Jane Eyre (2006). How funny. And Blake Ritson, who plays Mr Elton, also plays in Mansfield Park. Anyway, I just don't like them, Mr Elton is sometimes very funny.
Harriet is a sweet, kind and shy girl. She is a orphan raised by Mrs Goddard. And Emma helps her. How kind of you Emma! Soon after Harriet fells in love with Mr Elton. What? Dear Harriet, don't. I mean, who can love Mr Elton? I don't, he is dull. Hush Rachel, you must not be too hard on them. But Mr Elton loves Emma instead of Harriet. When Harriet finds out, she is so sad. Poor Harriet. She is such a innocent girl.
Poor Jane Fairfax. I really feel sorry for her. The way Emma treats her on the picknick. And Frank, he is such a fool. In the beginning I found Jane annoying, but she wasn't. She isn't my favourite character, but I really like her. And at the end she marries Frank Churchill.
Mr Woodhouse is described by Jane Austen as a valetudinarian -old before his time. He lost his wife when his two daughters were very young. Mr Woodhouse is a loving and kind father, but he worries constantly, especially about health. I don't really like him. Mr Woodhouse hardly ever leaves Hartfield, and hates the thought of Emma ever leaving him.
Frank is a man of energy, charming, mischievous and spoilt. He seems to delight in gossiping about Jane Fairfax. What? And he marries with Jane Fairfax. Poor Jane. Frank is definitely spoilt. So, nothing to say about him more. 
Mr Weston is eternal optimist, despite the fact that his life has not always run smoothly. I really was suprised too see Robert Bathurst, who plays Mr Weston, in Downton Abbey. How funny. Only he didn't played such a good role in Downton Abbey. Mr Weston marries Anne Taylor, Emma's governess. 
Anne Taylor has been Emma's governess since her mother died when Emma was a baby. I really like Jodhi May as Anne, she also played in Daniel Deronda, I didn't really liked her. Wait, I must tell you all that Romola Garai and Jodhi May both played in Daniel Deronda. How lovely. Romola has a bad role, in my opinion. Right, back to Anne. When Anne marries Mr Weston, she is worried about leaving Emma on her own at Hartfield.

And then you have Mrs and Miss Bates. I won't review them.
Frank Churchill had a ring on his finger! Is her married in real life or in the movie?
Now, this is the only dress I don't like. Maybe a little bit, but it's too yellow for me. :)
Of course I love yellow, but not as a dress.

Aren't these costumes lovely?! I love them. Emma's wardrobe is my favourite.

Some of Emma's weird and funny faces.

~Yours Truly, Rachel~   



  1. I've seen one other version of Emma (1996, maybe? The one with Kate Beckinsale) and I can say this one is definitely the best. Pretty much every character is better portrayed in this one--especially Mr. Knightley, because NO ONE is Mr. Knightley like Johnny Lee Miller. I adore this movie. Great review!