Friday, August 26, 2016

''Meaning Well Is Not Enough.''

What can I write today? I know, I must not write too many posts, I won't, I promise.

First of all, I found this lovely gif of baby Sybbie on Pinterest. Isn't it adorable?
And I found another one. :) Laughing is the best medicine, they always say.

What I love about DA:

1. The Costumes
 What I said before, costumes are one of my favourite topics of every Period Drama. They are perfect and beatiful, although they can sometimes be ugly. :)

2. The Dowager Countess, Violet Crawley
She is hilarious, she can teach you a lot of things in a funny way. I love Maggie Smith in DA. My family and I always laugh about her way of speaking. :D

3. The Ladies of DA

I love it being a lady, however we don't live in early days, where woman are real ladies and have much power, although not so much as men. And they can wear pretty costumes. Now days we can wear clothes, but I rather go for the costumes early days. :)

4. The Servants
There is so much happening downstairs, also upstairs. It's sometimes very complicated. I really love the scenes that are maid downstairs. The troubles, the happiness and sadness. I love the scenes upstairs too of course. 

5. The children
I love children! And the children of DA are so cute! Especially when they were baby's. :D

6. The couples

The have so much stories, and things can be difficult. Look at Anna & Bates, they have much troubles. But still, there is the romance and the weddings, it's so lovely!

7. The actors and actresses

They are great, awesome and they play the characters so well!!!
8. The Music

I love it!

9. The setting and era.
I love the settings, the beatiful Highclere Castle, the nature and of course, the era's. Edwardian and 20's, I love them both! 

At last, a darling gif of Sybil and Branson

~Yours Truly, Rachel~