Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Words, Explanation, Beauty and the Beast Week

Hello everyone!

First of all, sorry for my long absence. It has been quite on this blog.
Here's the story: My laptop has crashed, not totally, but my keyboard and mouse from my laptop don't work anymore. It's quite irrating, but I can use a computer of my mom. :)

I have seen that Meredith is hosting a Beauty and the Beast Week, I wish I could join in, but I haven't seen both the animated movie or the live-action movie. I really want to see the live-action movie, it seems lovely. I went to the town this afternoon and I saw a big poster of Emma Watson as Belle in a store. And a lot of ads of the live-action movie of Beauty and the Beast.

If I could join, I could not tell anything of the movie or answering the lovely tag, because I have never seen both of the movies.

But, If you have seen one of the movies, check out Meredith's lovely and beautiful blog here. It's always fun to read her posts.

I wanted to put my new header on my blog, but I can't use my computer, so that have to wait. 
When my laptop is mended, I will put my new header on it. Don't know how long it takes to make it, but I have to wait patient.

I have been busy with school too. That explains my long absence too. Yesterday I had a test, a difficult one, I had three days to practice. I am now waiting for my digit. I hear it monday. Can't wait!

So, I'm sorry for my long absence, hope you all understand. I also will try to make new post more often. It just has been busy, that's all. :)


  1. Sorry about your computer crashing. I've totally even there before and it's not fun.

    1. It's okay. But it sure isn't fun. :)

  2. Oh, I can't believe you haven't seen the BatB animated movie! It has been an enduring favorite of mine since childhood. Such a good one.

    Ooh, and I'm interested to see your new header! (Though it will be hard, I think, to top your current one which I love:)

    1. It's true, I haven't seen the B and B animated movie. I always hear people say it's so fund and lovely to watch. I really want to see the live-action movie of B and B. :)

      Aww, thank you Elanor. Glad you like this one. :) I can't wait until my laptop is ready for use, so I can make and put my new header on my blog and change the whole layout. :D

  3. I understand not being able to blog! Good luck with everything!