Monday, August 28, 2017

Bonjour and Hello!

It has been quite over here. Why you wonder, just because I haven't got any idea for a blog posts. 

I have updated my headers for free, deleted the old headers and made new headers. 
Take a look, if you want, here.

I've got my diploma from last school year. In July, so now I am a proud owner of a real diploma, with signatures and stuff. 

Just one week and than school starts again, sadly. But, I am curious what these two years bring me. And I have to go on intership again. By the same company where I went for intership last year. 
So, horses, stables, people and jolly around there again. Now I'm waiting to start again.
My family and I start watching When Calls the Heart. I quite like it, some things are simple, you already know that those things are happening, but anyway, I like it and I am going to watch all the seasons. I'm just curious about what is going to happen throughout the seasons.
I am almost finished with my vacation job. A disappiontment though. I thought I would like it, but it become quite boring. Doing the same things, have always different people and working different hours. I pays good though, but it's not fun to do. You have to clean up houses, day in day out. However, I have luck, because I just have to clean by a few people in a week. This is my last week and I just have to clean up by two people their houses. Lucky me. :)

My current desktop wall, filled with random pictures.

We also watched Paddington, which was very funny and lovely. There were quite a lot of fimiliar actors and actresses who played in this movie. Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Peter Capaldi, Nicole Kidman, Imelda Staunton and Michael Gambon. A movie for the whole family.
A new character of Poldark season 3. Curious who this girl would be.

Still waiting for Poldark season 3. It seems endless waiting, but the season will come soon in the library. Just wait a little longer girl, sorry I was talking to myself. 
Season 4 of Poldark is confirmed!!!! Hurray!!

I've written two parts of my story, The English Girl. I'd never thought I would ended up writing a story. It's just for fun though, I ain't going try to publish it. :)
Part one and Part two. Currently writing part three.

 I went shopping a few days ago and found some very lovely dresses. And one skirt. Which made me happy. 💕

Went to my grandparents last week. It was fun. Jolly good old times.
Books I've recently read:
> 45+47 Stella Street and Everything that Happened.
> When Stella Street Went Bush and Everything that Happened.
> The Ballad of Cauldron Bay.
> The Shipboys of Bontekoe (Dutch book, haven't got any English book of that book).
 Well, I think this is the end. It's seems like it. It's just a little update of my life. Kinda. 

Cheero-lovely-people!! Have a happy and nice day!!


  1. What a lovely post!!

    Congratulations on your diploma!! That's so exciting!!

    I so want to watch When Calls the Heart! I found a DVD at the library, but it was only 5 episodes from a few different seasons, randomly picked! I'm trying to find the whole thing.

    Good luck with the rest of that job!

    I LOVE your wall!!! It's so pretty!

    My family and I love Paddington!

    I love finding cute clothes!

    Thanks for the update, Rachel!! It was lovely. Hope you are doing quite well!!

    1. Thank you Rae! <3

      Yeah, it's quite exciting.

      My family and I are watching it on Netflix. Don't know if it is in the library.

      Thank you! <3 <3

      We also love Paddington, it's just a good family movie!

      It sure is lovely. :)

      I am very good, thank you! <3

      Thank you for commenting! <3

  2. I enjoyed this post! Poldark is one thing I have not tried yet.
    Also on When Calls the Heart: me and my family watched the very first part when the series first came out, but we never got around to watching any more of it! I keep hearing about it, though, so I will have to talk my family into watching the rest of it. :)
    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Amaris!! <3

      Poldark is such a lovely serie, you must try it someday.

      When Calls the Heart is also a lovely serie to watch. :)

      Same to you!!!

      <3 <3 <3 <3