Friday, December 29, 2017

What I've been doing lately

Hello you all!! 

It has been a while since I've posted here. And I am sorry. Had the time of my life because I have no school, two weeks doing nothing. And I didn't think of posting on my blog, which is very stupid. So, I'm back again. 
Just one more week and then school starts again, sadly. I don't mind it so much, but vacation is very fun once a while and I am glad I now have a break from school. It can be busy, school life. 

We have been watching Gilmore Girls for the second time again. I lost my interest in this serie, but I do still love it (which makes no sense). We are in season 6 and everything falls apart, but later (I'm glad about that) everything is restored. 

I can not believe it's already December, January is coming soon. A couple weeks ago, maybe a month ago, can not remember, we had our first snow!!! It was magical! And fun. Snowflakes that fall from the sky, you can dress all wintery, gloves, winter coats and hats. So fun!! Did you all had snow these couple weeks??

I've watched Tangled and Brave. Here's my opinion.

Tangled: First of all, it's a fairytale and I'm kinda a girl who likes fairytales. It has great characters, beautiful scenery and the music is so lovely. It is definitely a movie you have to see one day. Okay, there is a old lady who turns into a young woman because of a magical flower, but that is okay. Kinda scary. Eugene and Maximus are so funny. Pascal is an adorable pet. :) 

Brave: Love the scenery here!!! It's so beautiful animated. It's gorgeous. And the characters, also beautiful animated. Great characters. Okay, there is a witch, who turns Merida's (main character of the movie) mother into a bear, which is kinda weird, but if you just look over that, it's a super good movie. And her brothers, adorable! There is also another bear, a man who also turned into a bear and who became a real bear (which is super weird), that bear is kinda scary though. But for the rest, it's a lovely movie.
Merida's mother who is changed into a bear (weird isn't it?)
Merida's brothers. See what I mean?

 I am going to do the answers of the Ask me Anything post a few days later, so, if you want to give me some questions, be my guest!! Here's the link Ask me Anything 

How are you all doing?


  1. Nice to see a post from you again, Rachel. :)

    We have had snow all this past week. It's wonderful, isn't it?!

    Of course, Tangled is my favorite animated movie! Had you never seen it before? (I like Brave, too, but not as much.)

  2. Hey Rachel, nice to hear from you again! Hope you had a great Christmas. :) I totally relate to having vacation from school and not blogging; it took me a while to get to my first post on vacation myself!
    There are a few inches of snow on the ground where I live, which makes the bitter cold much more bearable!
    I have seen Tangled a looong time ago, but not Brave. Hopefully I'll get to see it sometime soon!

  3. I am glad you are having a great break!!!

    Brave is my favorite Disney princess movie. It is great!! :D

    Happy 2018!!!!!!!

  4. I remember seeing both Tangled and Brave in theaters when they first came out. I really liked Tangled back then, but Brave I wasn't a fan of. :D
    Happy New Year!