Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ask my Anything...

My laptop isn't fixed yet, I'm still waiting. I guess that is the reason I made a Ask me Anything post.

So, be my guest and leave a lot of questions!! (No obligations)

Looking forward to all the questions...

 (Just a little gif of DemelzašŸ˜Š)


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Words, Explanation, Beauty and the Beast Week

Hello everyone!

First of all, sorry for my long absence. It has been quite on this blog.
Here's the story: My laptop has crashed, not totally, but my keyboard and mouse from my laptop don't work anymore. It's quite irrating, but I can use a computer of my mom. :)

I have seen that Meredith is hosting a Beauty and the Beast Week, I wish I could join in, but I haven't seen both the animated movie or the live-action movie. I really want to see the live-action movie, it seems lovely. I went to the town this afternoon and I saw a big poster of Emma Watson as Belle in a store. And a lot of ads of the live-action movie of Beauty and the Beast.

If I could join, I could not tell anything of the movie or answering the lovely tag, because I have never seen both of the movies.

But, If you have seen one of the movies, check out Meredith's lovely and beautiful blog here. It's always fun to read her posts.

I wanted to put my new header on my blog, but I can't use my computer, so that have to wait. 
When my laptop is mended, I will put my new header on it. Don't know how long it takes to make it, but I have to wait patient.

I have been busy with school too. That explains my long absence too. Yesterday I had a test, a difficult one, I had three days to practice. I am now waiting for my digit. I hear it monday. Can't wait!

So, I'm sorry for my long absence, hope you all understand. I also will try to make new post more often. It just has been busy, that's all. :)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Robin Hood BBC // Lady Marian's Costumes

Just a little gif because we watched Pride and Prejudice 2005 again yesterday. Seven times already. :)
I know some of you don't like this version, there are a lot of comments about it, but I do like this version. Haven't seen the version of 1995 yet, but I really want to see it soon, so I can say my opinion of it. :) I just can't find it anywhere, sadly. 

On to the real meaning of this post. You all might know by now that Robin Hood BBC is one of my favourite series all time, so I decided to make a post about Lady Marian.

Here we go!  (Sorry for the fuzziness of some pictures)

//Marian's grey dress\\

//Marian's red dress\\

//Marian's red dress\\

//Marian's green dress\\

//Marian's nightwatchman costume\\

//Marian's blue dress\\

//Marian's wedding dress\\

//Marian's white dress\\

//Marian's other white dress\\

//Marian's orange dress\\

//Marian's grey dress\\

//Marian's red dress with yellow\\

//Marian's grey/red dress\\

//Marian's orange costume\\

//Marian's white dress\\

//Marian's brown dress\\

//Marian's grey/green costume\\

//Marian's pink dress\\

//Marian's red costume\\

//Marian's blue dress\\

Zee end. Tell me, which is your favorite???