About me

Hello there! It appears you stumbled upon my little blog. Sit down and enjoy.

-My name is Rachel

-I love watching Period Dramas and movies (which is basically not the same, right?) 

-I'm blessed with a large family and a lovely best friend

-I'm a sister and daughter at home with my family

-I believe in God with all my heart and I'm proud of it.

-I'm seventeen and I have a very happy live. 

So welcome, friend. I'm glad you're here.

Some of my favourite things

TV Shows: Poldark / Downton Abbey/Robin Hood BBC/White Collar/Lark Rise to Candleford/Sherlock/The Musketeers BBC/Lie to Me/Call the Midwife/Gilmore Girls/Poldark/When Calls the Heart/

Books: Wonderland Creek/Hidden Places/A Woman's Place/Little House books/ Heritage of Lancaster Country trilogy/Holes/Head in the Clouds/Emma/Northanger Abbey/Sense and Sensibility/Hanover Falls trilogy/The Sweetest Thing/Fire by Night/The Apothecary's Daughter/Little Women/While We're Far Apart/The Penderwicks/The Wedding Dress/A boy called M.O.U.S.E./Wolf Princess/Until We Reach Home/The Dancing Master/Sanctuary/Love Comes Softly trilogy/The Secret Garden/The Railway Children/Anne of Green Gables/The Help/

Movies/miniseries: Cinderella (2015)/Emma (2009)/Pride and Prejudice/Letters to Juliet/Singin' in the Rain/The Book Thief/Little Dorrit/What a Girl Wants/Sydney White/Princess of Thieves/Cranford/Finding Neverland/The Princess Diaries/Runaway Bride/Saving Mr Banks/Anne of Green Gables/The Help/Jamaica Inn/She's the Man/The Magic of Ordinary Days/The Young Victoria/Wives and Daughters/Tuck Everlasting/Our Zoo/Duma/Newsies/We Bought a Zoo/The Sound of Music/The Shunning/Wish You Well/Mulan/The Parent Trap/Seabiscuit/Crooked Arrows/War Horse/Big Fat Liar/Nicholas Nickleby/North and South BBC/Soul Surfer/Stick It/Sense and Sensibility 2008 and 1995/August Rush/Hot Lead and Cold Feet/Fiddler on the Roof/Miss Potter/The Famous Five/The Kings Speech/Full Out/



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