Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland - Review
We watched this movie twice, the second time on my last birthday, which is a year ago. 
But anyway, I love it.*warning, picture-heavy post*
First of all, it's a Period Drama! Yee! They have lovely costumes!

The movie is based upon The Man Who Was Peter Pan by Allan Knee. The first time we watched this movie was on a moviesite called Netflix. A couple weeks ago I found the movie in a shop. I bought it.
The movie cover I own
Johnny Depp plays J.M. Barrie. He isn't my favourite actor, but I love him in this movie, so kind and caring. He meets the family Davis in the park where he always walks with his dog.
''I'm sorry sir, buy you're standing on my sleeve.'' Scene where Barrie meets the family Davies.
On to my favourite character. Sylvia Davies. Isn't it a lovely name?
Kate Winslet, who plays Sylvia, is one of my favourite actress. She plays in a lot of Period Drama's. YEEE!!!
Right, on to Sylvia. She is kind, beautiful and sweet. Her husband died and left her with four boys. Imagine you have four boys who are very load and naughty. You will be busy. So does Sylvia. Sylvia has a disease, don't know what kind. It's sad. At the end of the movie she dies.*cries*
Sylvia Llewelyn Davies
On to the four boys. The oldest is George, then Jack, then Freddie and at last the youngest, little Michael. They are kind, sweet and sometimes naughty. But you know, they are boys. I must admit that I sing very loud. 
These are the main characters. You have also the mother of Sylvia, I skip her. The other ones are extra's or not important.
Oh, wait, I forgot someone. J.M Barrie's wife. Yes, he is married to Mary Ansell Barrie. I wish Barrie and Sylvia married, but I'm not the director. :) Mary is kind and sweet. She only doesn't really likes it that Barrie spends so much time with the family Davies. Why can't he?

Here are some lovely pictures.
The end of this lovely movie is sad. You know that Sylvia dies at the end.*cries again*
This movie is sad and joyful. I love it. 
Did you watched it? What are you're thoughts?


Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain - Review
There is no movie musical more fun than Singin' in the Rain. Of course there are loads of other musicals, I have to see them someday. 
This musical is above all lighthearted and happy. It's made in 1952, that's a long time ago.
It's a movie about making  movies. The movie is a American musical comedy film.*laughing*

Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds  and Donald O'Connor must have rehearsed endlessly for their dance numbers, which involves alarming acrobatics.
Don Lockwood's (Gene Kelley) soaking wet 'Singin' in the Rain' dance number is the best performance in the movie. It's rain, if you know. 
My older sister always wanted to look old movies, but I didn't. But when I saw this movie, I changed my mind. :)
Well, enough of the endless talking about the movie. Let's go through the characters!
Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen)- She is hilarious. I always laugh when I see her. She has such a funny voice, if you have seen the movie, you know where I'm talking about.  She makes you laugh. *it's true*
Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds)- She has such a lovely voice and acting talent. I'm talking about the character and actress. So, both. She is sweet, kind and innocent. Don and she, they end up as a couple. *oops, spoiler! Sorry*
Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly)- He is a famous actor, in and out the screen. He was the mastermind in the movie. So, he meets Kathy Selden and falls in love with her. One day her brings her back home, and starts to dance in the rain! He doesn't mind getting wet, he only thinks about Kathy. Oh, I won't go on and on about romance, it would be quite boring. On to the next.
I couldn't find a lovely picture of Cosmo, so I have this gif.
Cosmo Brown (Donald O'Connor)- Cosmo is so funny, he makes you laugh too. I think more than Lina. He is the friend of Don and a actor too. Don and he dance a lot.

So, these are the main characters. There are loads of more, but than this post would be boring.

Now, just one thing, the dancing.
I must admit I don't rally like to dance, I would try it for one time, but looking at it is lovely.
Oh, again one thing, their is a scene with a woman with a green dress on. We skipped that part. So, you know.