Monday, August 28, 2017

Bonjour and Hello!

It has been quite over here. Why you wonder, just because I haven't got any idea for a blog posts. 

I have updated my headers for free, deleted the old headers and made new headers. 
Take a look, if you want, here.

I've got my diploma from last school year. In July, so now I am a proud owner of a real diploma, with signatures and stuff. 

Just one week and than school starts again, sadly. But, I am curious what these two years bring me. And I have to go on intership again. By the same company where I went for intership last year. 
So, horses, stables, people and jolly around there again. Now I'm waiting to start again.
My family and I start watching When Calls the Heart. I quite like it, some things are simple, you already know that those things are happening, but anyway, I like it and I am going to watch all the seasons. I'm just curious about what is going to happen throughout the seasons.
I am almost finished with my vacation job. A disappiontment though. I thought I would like it, but it become quite boring. Doing the same things, have always different people and working different hours. I pays good though, but it's not fun to do. You have to clean up houses, day in day out. However, I have luck, because I just have to clean by a few people in a week. This is my last week and I just have to clean up by two people their houses. Lucky me. :)

My current desktop wall, filled with random pictures.

We also watched Paddington, which was very funny and lovely. There were quite a lot of fimiliar actors and actresses who played in this movie. Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Peter Capaldi, Nicole Kidman, Imelda Staunton and Michael Gambon. A movie for the whole family.
A new character of Poldark season 3. Curious who this girl would be.

Still waiting for Poldark season 3. It seems endless waiting, but the season will come soon in the library. Just wait a little longer girl, sorry I was talking to myself. 
Season 4 of Poldark is confirmed!!!! Hurray!!

I've written two parts of my story, The English Girl. I'd never thought I would ended up writing a story. It's just for fun though, I ain't going try to publish it. :)
Part one and Part two. Currently writing part three.

 I went shopping a few days ago and found some very lovely dresses. And one skirt. Which made me happy. 💕

Went to my grandparents last week. It was fun. Jolly good old times.
Books I've recently read:
> 45+47 Stella Street and Everything that Happened.
> When Stella Street Went Bush and Everything that Happened.
> The Ballad of Cauldron Bay.
> The Shipboys of Bontekoe (Dutch book, haven't got any English book of that book).
 Well, I think this is the end. It's seems like it. It's just a little update of my life. Kinda. 

Cheero-lovely-people!! Have a happy and nice day!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Story~ The English Girl~

Here's another piece of my current story I am writing. The English Girl.

1/ Arriving at Storyfield.
Here's the previous piece of my story, if you haven't watched, do read it first. The English Girl part 1.

I took the train and had to switch from trains a lot. A lot of hassle, but I didn't mind. I had to ask five times the way before I was in the good train. And then it took another half hour long. By the time I finally arrived at Storyfiel's station, I was so tired I could barely stand up. My legs had become stiff of sitting long or standing long. I took my suitcase and stepped out. I waited a few minutes and took the time to look around. There where hardly a few people on the platform. It seemed empty. I thanked the conductor and sat down on a bench. It cracked under my weight. Not that I was fat, on the contrary, I was skinny, had freckles everywhere, bright dark red hair and green eyes. I wasn't beautiful, but I was happy with myself. And that is was is important, doesn't it?. Although I sometimes was jealous on all those other girls who had beautiful dresses and powder faces. I was not allowed to complain. The conductor said goodbye and looked at me with a sad face. Why, I did not know. The train left and I was alone, on a cracking bench. The steam of the train left me in a sort of misty cloud. It wasn't a cloud, but steam. Five minutes is quite long. I was soon bored and walked around the platform. Did my aunt knew I was coming today? Or was she forgotten me?. Another minute past. Aunt May, where are you?. I almost said the words out loud. I became impatiently. After fifteen minutes, someone came up on the platform. It was a chubby woman and her brown hair was stuck in a high bun. She walked fast and had a grey dull dress, where a apron was bound around the grey dress. I was standing underneath a big old station clock, which was so old, it could fall off right now. I didn't happened, yet. The woman finally arrived in front of me and looked at me. 
'Say, are you Scarlett?'
'Ah, I see.'
The woman looked at me again, this time more attentively. Sometimes she knocked with her head.
'Do you want to turn around slowly for me?'
I turned slowly around. The woman sighed. Yes, okay, I still keep saying woman, but I don't know who the woman is. 
'Who are you? madam?'
'I am your feared aunt May.' She stopped talking to give me a smile, it was more a grin. I saw a little twinkle in her eyes.' Say, did they feed you well? You are so thin and your hair! It looks very confused and look at those freckles! Charming!'
O yeah, I wanted to say you all that I had a awfull ugly dress on, because I didn't wanted to stand out. Do you call it like that?.  I only had very few clothes, which were not that nice either. My father did not pay attention to me in my recent years and I did not ask for it either.
'Is that your dress? My dear, you're father had no taste! After you're settled, we have to buy some new dresses.' 
I wasn't such a girl who really liked shopping for beautiful clothes all day. I actually didn't need any of those pretty things. Nobody needs it, especially not me. I didn't say anything about it, aunt will know it soon enough. 
'Well, come on child. It's getting dark and it's a long ride.'
I walked behind May and saw a big truck. An old truck, yes. But it worked and I was glad, although the engine made a lot of noise. After fifteen minutes I saw a house. It seemed big, but it wasn't. The truck stopped and May had a lot of trouble to get out. I didn't said anything and climbed quietly out of the truck. My legs did hurt. There were a lot of pits and holes on the road. The house was primitive, you saw it right away. I was used to something else, but I could live like this. Only just to escape my past. Far away. 
'Come Scarlett. Uncle is waiting.'
I stood still. Did I have an uncle too? My father never told me that aunt May was married. Maybe there were children. I love kids, they don't like me so much, but I think that is just because they way I looked.
'How should I call you? You see, I hardly know you and this is very unknown for me.'
'Aunt is fine, child.' May smiled. She knew my name, but called me child quite often. So what, it doesn't matter! We walked up on a porch, there was hanging a big rocking chair and some chairs. I guessed it was for sitting outside, when the weather was sunny and warm. Inside the house there was a wide, cozy kitchen, where you could smell the scent of fresh baked cake. The living room was small, but cozy. I saw a closed door and I suspected that would be the bathroom and toilet. There was another space, which was used as working room, for everything. 
'Come dear, I will show you you're room. It's not ready yet, but we have been waiting untill you came, so you can decorate it yourself. With some of our stuff.'
Clearly money was very special in Storyfield. But I had my own money, so I could buy stuff from that money. May laughed quietly and walked to the stairs.
'Be quiet, the others are sleeping.'
Others? I was suprised, only a little. The stairs didn't gave any sound. We walked through a hall with four closed doors. May went to another stairs. The attic. I had to sleep in the attic. 
'It's nice and warm out there. Gerald made a fireplace, just for you. Then you will never have it cold. We used it as a room where we could stack things, but we cleaned it.'
I nodded. May opened the door. There was one bed and a closet. No more. The fireplace was on and I was glad. 
'Thank you for having me aunt. I appreciate it.'
'It's nothing. Your father wasn't useful at all, sorry about that dear. Anyway,go to sleep, it's late. We always get up on seven o'clock, but you can sleep so long as you wish. Spoil yourself a little bit.' Mary smiled and left the room. I stept into my nightgown, after I removed my clothing, and fell asleep. Tomorrow was a busy day. I must be prepared. 

The end. I am now writing part 3. :)


Monday, August 21, 2017

New Blog Look

I made a new header, again. I have kept my blue header quite a few months on my blog, and I decided it's time for a new blog look. And viola!!!

I've put Marian and Robin from Robin Hood bbc in the picture because those two are just adorable, Caroline from Poldark because she's my favorite, Mary from Downton Abbey because she wears such a lovely dress and Sybil from Downton Abbey because she is one of my favorite's. 


Friday, August 18, 2017

Ask me Anything ~ Answers

The answers on the questions of the Ask me Anything post!

Warning: a-post-filled-with-a-lot-of-pictures.

Thank you all for your lovely questions!

Miss Woodhouse asked.....

Do you have a best friend? If so, how did you two meet?

Oh yes, I have. The best friend I could ever imagine. She is adorable, lovely and she can draw so good you can't believe she drawn that. :) You always can count on her, when you are sad, or you have problem. SHE IS AN AMAZING FRIEND. And I am glad she is in my life. How we met, let me think. The funniest thing is that we were both very young when  we met. Okay, here it comes...we met on a playground....*it's out*.....It is really strange, but we met on a big playground. My mom was talking to her mom and I saw her brothers running around, I only saw a glimp of her. And the next morning, my mom told us that we went to visit their family. The first meeting was akward, but eventually we became close. :) And now we are best friends. 
If you could have been cast in Downton Abbey, who would you have wanted to act and why?

Lady Rose. Just because she is my favorite and we look quite a lot like each other. 

What is you favorite season?

What is you favorite girl's name? Boy's name?

Favorite girl's name(s): Katie and Lily
Favorite boy's name: Allan and Jack.

Would you rather have a big career or just be a stay at home mom?  

Definitely a home mom, I love kids and doing things which include home things. :)

Have you, or would you, ever cut your hair really short?

Nope, never done it. I would try it for one once, but it is quite scary. 

Elanor asked......

Favorite movie that is NOT a period drama?

This is a good question. The first time someone asks me that question. :) 
Is Cinderella (2015) a period drama? If yes, forget my answers, if no, I am going to choose that one.
Anyway, The Princess Diaries will be my favorite movie that is not a period drama. :)
Favorite TV show?

Gilmore Girls. 

Most inspirational quote in a book you recently read?

Haven't read any books lately. It's a shame, I know. :)
Most episodes of Downton Abbey you've watched in one sitting?

Favorite place to curl up with a book?

My bed. 

MovieCritic asked....

What is your least favorite book?

I have read so many books I can't remember which one is my least favorite. 
What is your least favorite movie?

You've Got Mail

Would you rather be a character in Robin Hood or Downton Abbey?

Why must you ask me this inpossible question!!! I would love to play a character in both of the series. IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION! How am I going to choose???? Wow, so hard....can't choose....can I choose both?....No, you can't.....Alright, I think I would choose for Robin Hood, although I LOVE Downton Abbey, I will go for Robin Hood. Life is more adventurous. 

If there was anyone in the world you would switch places with for a day, who would it be?

Gee, no idea. Can't answer this one. SORRY.

What is your least favorite color?


Would you rather get married in summer or winter?

Another difficult question. Let me say SUMMER!!! 
Ruth asked.....

What is the story you're writing on most recently(with that I mean: what story that you write yourself is the most recent)?

I have let my story like it is, what I mean, haven't read forward yet. But the current story I am writing is The English Girl. 

Who do you like better: Caroline or Demelza from Poldark?

Caroline. :)

From Mr Selfridge, who's your second favourite character?

Grace Calthorpe. She is also my first and second favourite character. I like Agnes, but Grace is my favourite female character in the show.
If you could choose a board from Pinterest and do all the things that are there(for example: make all recipes in a food board, travel to all places on a nature board, meet all actresses and actors from a movie board), which would it be?

My lovely wardrobe's board. :)

Do you like autumn better, or spring?

Spring, where everything is going to bloom, the weather is getting better and it is time to pick up the summer wardrobe and put the winter wardrobe back in the attic.

Which fairytale do you like better: Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, or Snow White?

Never have seen Beauty and the Beast or Snow White, so I go with Cinderella. The 2015 version of course. 

Would you rather be friends with someone who is rich and wealthy and has an enormous house and garden, or with someone who has simple and ordinary things, a small house, but a gorgeous location for their house?

Hard question! The person who has a simple, yet beautiful house with an gorgeous location.
Rather live at seaside or at the countryside?

Which do you like better: foxes or wolves?


Would you rather take a stroll at midnight or in clear daylight?

At midnight. :) It's more adventurous and exciting.
 Anna Holmberg asked...

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

If you could design your own ball gown/evening dress, what would it look like?

Ballgown : Just like the blue ball gown like in Cinderella (2015), worn by Ella.
Evening dress: Just like the red dress in Downton Abbey, worn by Mary.

What kind of music (genres, artist, specific songs...) do you like best?

I like all sorts of music. :) Don't have one specific like the best kind of music. :) If I have to choose, I would you for movie soundtracks. :)

Which Road to Avonlea character do you feel you have the most in common with?

I think Sara. I can have a big imagination, I don't really like to cook, of course I would do it, I love to read and like fancy dresses. The part I am not is that I haven't have a rich dad, I have a mom and dad, who are the greatest parents I have. I haven't got all fancy things, I don't need them, I can live without. I am not living with my two aunts at Prince Edward Island. :)

Rae asked....

Do you prefer chocolate or other candy?

Chocolate. :)
What has been one of your favourite parts of summer?

Having fun with my family. Watch lovely movies. Rearrange my clothing. Going shopping. Go to my grandparents. A lot I know. :D
What is your favorite movie you've seen recently?

The Parent Trap.
What is your favourite book you've read recently?

Haven't read any books recently. A shame, I know. I am going to read a book named Stone Street. A weird name, but it's a dutch book, they mostly have strange names.

And these were all the questions. Thank you all for asking me these lovely answers!! 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ask me Anything

A Ask me Anything Week on my blog. :)

Be my quest and leave a lot of questions in the comments. (no obligations)