Friday, February 24, 2017

My Bucket List

It is me again, loading your with all of my balderdash posts. 
Lily James!!!
So, it has been quietly on my blog. I just didn't had so much ideas lately, so that's the reason why I didn't wrote any posts. 

We sadly finished the serie Gilmore Girls. It has humor and loveliness. So, there are 8 seasons, a lot to watch, but we are in the Gilmore Girls fase, addicted to it. :) We are watching the last season right now, we have only two episodes left. 

Right, on to the real reason of this post. 

Here's my bucket list!

-Finish school and get my diploma
-visit Italy
-visit England
 -meet Alexis Bledel
-get my drivers license
-travel with my best friend
-play a voice in a animated movie
-meet the love of my life
-get married

-go to a ball
-have one hundred followers
-watch all the movies with Audrey Hepburn in it (it's true, never seen one)
-have a Jane Austen theme party
-visit the USA
-learn how to do a period drama updo in my hair
-visit Highclere Castle

 -own a ballgown  
-have all kind of things pink in my room
-eat ice cream while watching a movie
-meet Lucy Grifiths
 -meet Lily James
-visit all the Pride and Prejudice locations
-be an extra in a movie
-watch old movies
-have my portrait painted
-have a dress like Rose MacClare's wedding dress
-watch all the Period Drama's I haven't seen yet
-leave a note in a library book
-find a not in a library book

-visit the studio where they played the ball scene in Cinderella
-attend a masquerade ball
-cover my bedroom wall with lyrics, quotes and movie posters
-send a message in a bottle
-be a maid of honor on a wedding
-visit a little old book shop
-have my dream job
-ride a horse on a beach

-learn archery
-visit the places where they filmed Robin Hood BBC
-own a palariod camera

-receive a lot of comments on this post! :)

Zee end....