Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Robin Hood BBC Tag

My dear sister Ruth has tagged me with this awesome tag! I love Robin Hood BBC! (Okay, Downton Abbey will come on the first place, always)
Thank your Ruth!

Question 1: Who is your favourite character?
Defenitely Marian

Question 2: Who did you dislike the most?

Isabella, she is awful! Ugh, I dislike her very much and she was annoying. Prince John is also very annoying, and Kate.

Question 3: Which couple did you like the most?

You don't have to ask me, Robin and Marian. And maybe Guy and Meg, but Meg appears in one episode.

Question 4: Who would you rather have as a couple together with Kate?

Allan A Dale. However she had only eye for Robin (which was really annoying), Allan liked her very much. Yes, as you can see, Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey plays Kate.

Question 5: Which death was the saddest?

Why must someone ask this to me??!! Marian. WHY???!!!!*cries*

Question 6: Who deserved more than he/she had in the series?
Allan A Dale.

Question 7: Which of the characters who you didn't see much in the series (only three or less episodes) would you want to see more?

Question 8: What do you think of Allan's betrayel and Robin's reaction on it?

I skip this one, I don't no to describe it. :)  

Question 9: Who do you think is the funniest?

The Sherrif of Nottingham and Allan A Dale. They are hilarious! 

Question 10: Which character bored you most?

Little John

Question 11: Who changed to someone less nice in season three, do you think?

Robin. I actually don't like him in season 3. Although his dead was very sad. :(



Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sisters are different flowers from the same garden

We all have a sister, haven't we? Maybe some don't have a sister, but that's okay.

I have three awesome sisters. Guys, they are amazing and I love them. I'm blessed with them and I thank Him.

Even though, once in a while, your sister(s) can really get on your nerves. 
And they might even make you angry from time to time. But usually, they just trying to keep you out of harm's way.

I have two younger sisters and I older sister. My youngest sister is nine.

We all blog! Except my nine year younger sister.

The awesome, lovely, just started blog of my older sister Rebecca, here. 
The lovely, beautiful one year old blog of my younger sister Ruth, here.
We all play the piano. Yes, we do. No other instrument, only the piano. We have a large, heavy, brown piano in our living room. We don't play so much, but mostly it is Rebecca who plays on it. 

We share lots of laughs together, and sometimes sadness.
No one knows you as well as your sister(s) does.
We are different, we are. My hair is blond, I can tell you. My sisters all have dark blonde hair. One thing, we all have blue eyes. I'm the tallest of all. 

I'm sixteen, as you all know. Rebecca is seventeen, Ruth....I don't know if I can tell that to you all (I must ask her first) and Noa is nine.

Sisters can be your biggest support systems during life's biggest moments.
It's never too late (or too early) to bother your sister(s) to play.

Braiding each others hair is what we do, whe help each other, not always, but mostly. Give each other advice, about hair, clothing and whatnot.

We can be angry on each other, but it's always ends good.
I love my sisters, they are simply amazing and I just couldn't imagine my life without them.  

We all are on Pinterest. Except my nine year older sister.




Tuesday, September 20, 2016

(Another) New Blog Look!!!

I know, I haven't been posting anything on my blog lately. I'm very busy, with school and everything. Yes, I know, I'm a homeschooler, but I'm going to school the last three weeks. If I want a job, I have to go to school. So, that's why I'm busy the last time. 

I'm sorry for my absence. I will keep up this blog, I won't delete it, but I can't posts so much. So, I'm sorry.

Anyway, I changed my header again. It's fall as you all noticed. The lovely colours, smells and the cold weather.  

 Well, what do you think? 

Movies I still want to see, but I don't have the time for it:

Pride and Prejudice 1995

Guys, I know. I didn't watched it yet, but I've been busy, preparing school and whatnot. But I am going to watch this miniserie one day.  


I'm still waiting for this one until in reach Netflix in the Netherlands or our library. It takes so long!

Love & Friendship

Again I still waiting for this lovely movie to come in the library or on Netflix. 

The Musketeers season 3

I must wait until December, then this season 3 comes on Netflix. It's so long!

End of the list. I know there are more lovely movies and series to watch, I only must find them. :)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Period Dramas

Good mornin' dearest people. Or should I say good evening? You probably know that I love period dramas so much. I rewatched a couple days ago the lovely The Sound of Music, filled with romance, lovely songs and beautiful settings and costumes. I loved it even more. :) Now, let's start, shall we? Ahem, I will tell you that this post is loaded with pictures. 

COSTUMES ARE THE BEST. Violá, I said it. As I already might have said before, costumes are my favourite topic of Period Dramas. The details, the lace, the stripes and colours, all says it is lovely. Some are very simple, yet elegant and some are very colourful with very much detail. When I watch a Period Drama, I imagined myself standing there, on set with one of those gorgeous dresses on.

The written word is such a delicate and personal form of communication. I really love the lovely letters from Period Dramas, filled with magical words. All kinds of words, love, friendship, sadness whatever there is. Letters sealed with wax, those are such a beauty. :)

Period Dramas are magical, different and so compelling!!! It can be a movie or a serie. Ladies, I tell you, if you never watched a Period Drama, you miss a lot of fun, magical places and beautiful things. 

There are books that are filmed into Period Dramas, so many, that you can't name them all. 

The setting, nature and houses has different mysteries. Such beautiful nature, hugh houses and lots of details. I always imagined myself walking into those lovely houses and magical nature. When I walk into the nature, I see myself walking through those places. 

AH, the lovely WEDDINGS! I love them! And those lovely gowns, so beautiful!!! And they live happily ever after. :)

Those little lovely sweet children!!!! I love them, sometimes I even want to step into a movie to hold those little baby's and children. I love them, there I said it. :)

Looking through windows, I always do that when there is something happening on our street, mostly all the day. :-) Right, we are talking about Period Dramas, not window looking or whatever.

The food and all the little details around and on the table. It costs hundred millions of dollars to collect all those things. Cristal glasses, beautiful plates and such lovely things, you can't get enough of it. 

Did I said enough, or should I go on? Let's end, shall we?
Maybe this is a short post, but hopefully you all don't mind!

The cast and crew, I love seeing them working together. Behind the scenes are my favourite, pictures or clips, I love them. Seeing the bloopers and how they filmed it, that's my favourite topic of Behind the Scenes. I also love just the movies or series. :)

Well, that's all for today