Monday, December 18, 2017

Ask me Anything

It's time for a Ask me Anything week!!! So, comment below and ask all your questions!!



  1. Oh, yes! Another AMA! There where a few AMA posts around lately, but I didn't ask questions, which I regret now. So, now questions...

    1. What's the story you are working on right now?
    2. What's your favourite serie? (Because I am still wondering what that actually is)
    3. Which book are you reading?
    4. Of all the movies you watched in this last month, which is your favourite?
    5. Of all the couples in Gilmore Girls, who is your favourite? (Because well, we're watching it right now and I'm pretty curious)
    6. Which song are you listening to at this moment?
    I saw your bucket list and you had a few actresses on there who you wanted to meet. My seventh question is: ''Which actress would you want to meet if there was just one you could meet?''
    'Kay, that was all. I hope to see your answers then :D

  2. Fun!

    What is your favorite store?
    When was the last time you went to a movie theater?
    White lights or color?
    What is your favorite smell?

    That's all for now, I might ask some more later.

  3. What is your favourite book of the Bible?
    Favourite Youtuber?
    Warm fairy lights, multi coloured or white fairy light?
    Favourite non fiction book?
    Movies you watched this month?
    Last thing you drank?
    Colour of your room?
    Oh and favourite girls names?
    Can't wait to see your answers.

  4. What do you like to do most in the wintertime?
    Tea, cocoa, or coffee?
    What's your favorite winter scene from a period drama?
    What do you do to celebrate Christmas?
    Where would you most like to go on a winter vacation?

  5. Eeeh, so fun! :D Here are a few questions from me:
    1. Do you have a current favorite actor/actress? Who is it and why do you like them?
    2. If you could choose one period drama series, movie, or book to live in forever, which would you choose?
    3. Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, is your tree up yet, and do you have a real one or a fake one?
    4. Do you have any special goals for the new year that you hope to achieve?
    5. What book are you going to read next?
    6. What's the best thing that happened to you in 2017?

    Those are all I have for now! :D I hope they're not too hard!

  6. How fun! Hopefully I'm not too late to ask questions. :)

    1.) What's your favorite vacation destination?
    2.) Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
    3.) What's your favorite thing about being homeschooled?
    4.) What's your favorite season?
    5.) Favorite ice cream flavor?
    6.) What's one of the best Christmas gifts you received?
    7.) Do you have any pets?