Monday, September 12, 2016

Period Dramas

Good mornin' dearest people. Or should I say good evening? You probably know that I love period dramas so much. I rewatched a couple days ago the lovely The Sound of Music, filled with romance, lovely songs and beautiful settings and costumes. I loved it even more. :) Now, let's start, shall we? Ahem, I will tell you that this post is loaded with pictures. 

COSTUMES ARE THE BEST. Violá, I said it. As I already might have said before, costumes are my favourite topic of Period Dramas. The details, the lace, the stripes and colours, all says it is lovely. Some are very simple, yet elegant and some are very colourful with very much detail. When I watch a Period Drama, I imagined myself standing there, on set with one of those gorgeous dresses on.

The written word is such a delicate and personal form of communication. I really love the lovely letters from Period Dramas, filled with magical words. All kinds of words, love, friendship, sadness whatever there is. Letters sealed with wax, those are such a beauty. :)

Period Dramas are magical, different and so compelling!!! It can be a movie or a serie. Ladies, I tell you, if you never watched a Period Drama, you miss a lot of fun, magical places and beautiful things. 

There are books that are filmed into Period Dramas, so many, that you can't name them all. 

The setting, nature and houses has different mysteries. Such beautiful nature, hugh houses and lots of details. I always imagined myself walking into those lovely houses and magical nature. When I walk into the nature, I see myself walking through those places. 

AH, the lovely WEDDINGS! I love them! And those lovely gowns, so beautiful!!! And they live happily ever after. :)

Those little lovely sweet children!!!! I love them, sometimes I even want to step into a movie to hold those little baby's and children. I love them, there I said it. :)

Looking through windows, I always do that when there is something happening on our street, mostly all the day. :-) Right, we are talking about Period Dramas, not window looking or whatever.

The food and all the little details around and on the table. It costs hundred millions of dollars to collect all those things. Cristal glasses, beautiful plates and such lovely things, you can't get enough of it. 

Did I said enough, or should I go on? Let's end, shall we?
Maybe this is a short post, but hopefully you all don't mind!

The cast and crew, I love seeing them working together. Behind the scenes are my favourite, pictures or clips, I love them. Seeing the bloopers and how they filmed it, that's my favourite topic of Behind the Scenes. I also love just the movies or series. :)

Well, that's all for today






  1. AHH. <3 I love them too! Beautiful pictures! =)

  2. Nice! I love all the pictures!! I have a question, what makes it categorized as a period drama? I'm never sure...

  3. LOVELY!!! I loved the pictures. Nice post! :)

  4. Thank you all for your sweet and lovely comments!!!
    MovieCritic, it is categorized as Period Drama when a movie is in a different era, like Edwardian era or Regency era. :)

  5. Lovely post! I really liked the amount of pictures! :)