Sunday, September 4, 2016

What I love about Fall

The hot summer days turn in cold, windy fall days. But there are very much reasons why fall is beautiful. So, here's the things I love about fall.

1. The nature

It turns into bright brown, yellow and red colours. It's very beautiful, however summer is also beautiful. Of course all the trees will lose their leaves, but it can be beautiful.

2. It's finally cold enough to eat soup and drink tea, however I normally drink tea every day, no matter if it is hot or cold. :)


3. We finally can put our fireplace on, however we have a stove, but we can't use it, because there isn't a pipe what leads all the smoke out.

4. We can use cosy blankets again. And sweaters, warm socks and lovely scarves, however I never wear a scarve. :)

5. The smell of all things.

6. How beautiful this creation is. It really is.

7. If I would live on a farm, I can pick apples and pumpkins and whatever there is.

8. We can take long walks in the forest, surrounded by the beautiful nature. Colourful as it is. :)



  1. Lovely! I love walks in the forest too.

  2. This is a really lovely post, I agree with you!!

  3. Autumn is my favorite season, I have come to realize. It used to be winter, but we don't get enough snow where I live now for it to be a joyful and white, snappy winter. So... fall is it. We have had a week of fall-like weather here, and although the temps are supposed to be around 90 again this week, I know fall will be here for real soon. I can't wait!

  4. Thank you all dears for those sweet comments!!!!