Sunday, January 21, 2018

Another Period Drama Tag

Hello, it's me again. I'm not dead. It has been ery quite over here.

I've been tagged a while back. The persons who tagged me, yes I've been tagged twice, are Elanor from Musings of a Jane Austen Wannabe and Molly Rebekah from A Ramble Through the Woods. Thank you both for tagging me!!

1. Anwers the questions.
2. Link back to the person who tagged you.
3. Tag at least one other blogger to do the tag.

Okay, let us go to the questions.

1.What was the most recent period drama you watched? Share what you thought of it.

Anne of Green Gables. I wanted to see this one for the third time, but my family didn't. So, I watched it alone. I know, my family and I watch everything together, but this time it's different. 

My thoughts?? It a classic. It's whitty, beautiful, amazing characters and gorgeous scenery. Loved every bit of this movie. I watched the first movie of this mini-serie, the other two aren't so fun as the first one. :) Anyway, I love this movie and it will always be one of my favourites. :D

2.  Do you generally prefer period dramas in the form of a movie or a TV series/mini-series?  Why?

It depends on my mood. :) 
3.  What is your favorite musical period drama?
The Sound of Music. (Does this counts as a period drama?)
4.  Read the book first or watch the movie first?
5.  What is a valuable life lesson you learned from a period drama?

Be yourself, don't make haste desicions, enjoy life and (because I've watched Anne of Green Gables) tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it yet.
6.  Which period drama hero would you be likely to fall in love with in real life?

Ooohh......let me think....just a second....*thinking hard*....what must I answers is.....

Gilbert Blythe or Mr Darcy (But I am sure it will be Gilbert)
7.  Do you ever like to binge-watch a period drama series?

I LOVE THAT!!!! Yes....yes...yes..
8.  What things go best with watching a period drama?

Tea, hot chocolate, falling rain, snow, a couch, blankets around you, your family and friends. 
9.  Which period drama do you think you would fit into best?

I have no idea.*skippingthisquestionsbecausei'venoidea*
10. If you could have any period drama character for a best friend, who would it be?  And why?

Impossible questions. So many favourite characters I wish they where my friend. Let me name two, Diana Barry and Amy Dorrit, both darlings.
11. Show us a picture of a period drama costume you wish you could wear in real life.
 These two. :D

12. Are there any period dramas you like to watch during a particular season or holiday?

Any time will do.
13. Which period drama has your favorite soundtrack?
 Pride and Prejudice 2005. 

14. Dream cast your favorite actor and actress in a period drama of your choosing; tell which parts they would play and why.***

*skipping this question also, sorry*
15. Are there any period dramas you like more than one version of? 

Sense and Sensibility, 1995 and 2008.
16. What are the top three period dramas that you haven't seen on your to-watch list?

The next season of Poldark (season 3)
The next season of When Calls the Heard (season 5)
*leaving this one out because I have no idea*
17. Show a picture of your favorite period drama hairstyle.
18. What was your favorite wedding in a period drama?

Little Dorrit 2008.
19. What is your favorite biographical period drama?

*going to skip this question because I don't understand this question*
20. Which historical novel will you forever recommend to anyone and everyone?

Sense and Sensibility, it's very beautiful.

And now this is the end. Thank you so much Elanor and Molly for tagging me, it was so fun to do!

And I tag:

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  1. 1) Love AoGG!
    3) And The Sound of Music! :)
    7) Me, too! (Especially with Poldark.)
    8) Oh, I totally agree with all of that!
    11)I adore Morwenna's wardrobe.
    16)You haven't seen Poldark s.3 yet? You must. It's so good!
    17)Yeah, I envy Demelza's hair. It's so think and curly and that rich red color. (Reminds me a lot of Merida's.)
    19) (That would be a period drama that is based on a historical person's real life, e.g. Becoming Jane, The Young Victoria, etc. Even if most are somewhat fictionalized.)
    20) Yes, S&S is quite a lovely novel. One of my favorites.

    Glad you did the tag, Rachel! I loved your answers. :D

  2. Thank you for tagging me! I will try to do this soon. :)

  3. Great answers, Rachel! It was neat to see how some of your answers were exactly the same as mine. :)