Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ask me Anything Answers

Here are the long lost answers of my Ask me Anything post.

Thank you all for the questions!!!

Ruth asked....

What's the story you are working on right now?

Since my laptop crashed, my stories are all gone, so I didn't write a new one. Because it's hard to think of an idea while you had already a story with three chapters, which is now gone. So, I have thought about a new idea for a story, but I haven't found it yet. 

What's your favorite serie?

I have a lot of favourite series, so this one is hard. I love When Calls the Heart, Poldark, Robin Hood and The Musketeers. So, my currently favourite serie right now is When Calls the Heart. 

Which book are you reading?

The Pelican Bride by Beth White, which I finished last Saturday. 

Off all the couples of Gilmore Girls, who's your favorite? *knew this was coming :)*

This one is not so hard though. I love Rory and Jess, Lorelai and Luke and Lane and Zach. Off all of them, I choose Lorelai and Luke, Rory and Jess are coming second. 

Which song are you listening to at this moment?

Centuries from the Fall Out Boy. I have discovered this song a few days ago and I like the rythm. The music video is weird though. 

Which actress would you want to meet if there was just one you could meet?

Lily James 

MovieCritic asked.... 

What is your favorite store?

I actually have no idea.

When was the last time you went to a movie theater?

A year ago. A long time ago.  

White lights or color?


What is your favorite smell?

The forest and snow. You can smell that. :)

Hannah S. asked....

 What is your favourite book of the Bible?

Favourite Youtuber?

I haven't got any favorite Youtuber. 

Warm fairy lights, multi coloured or white fairy light?

Definitely warm fairy lights

Favourite non fiction book?

Haven't read any non fiction book.

Movies you watched this month?

The Boss Baby
Wild Heart's can't be broken
Barefoot at the Park
A Knight's Tale

Last thing you drank?


Colour of your room?


Oh and favourite girls names?

Lily, Katie, Anne and Rose 

Elanor asked... 

What do you like to do most in the wintertime?

Sit on my bed, drink tea and go do something on my laptop. Or watch the falling snow fall. 

Tea, cocoa, or coffee?

Tea. :) 

What's your favorite winter scene from a period drama?

I chose random. The galloping scene with black horses in The Musketeers bbc. It's magical. 

What do you do to celebrate Christmas?

I don't celebrate it. But I must say I love Christmas, because it's cosy, love christmas tree and the lights outside..sigh...

Where would you most like to go on a winter vacation?

I would love to go to Alaska in winter. But I also love to stay home and watch the snow, which I do every year. :)

Aramis asked...

1. Do you have a current favorite actor/actress? Who is it and why do you like them?

Lily James. Don't know why, maybe because she's talented.

2. If you could choose one period drama series, movie, or book to live in forever, which would you choose?


3. Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, is your tree up yet, and do you have a real one or a fake one?

No, I don't celebrate.

4. Do you have any special goals for the new year that you hope to achieve? 

Learn new things, being more with my family and friends, having fun. That's it, I think. 
5. What book are you going to read next?

A Most Inconvenient Marriage by Regina Jennings.
6. What's the best thing that happened to you in 2017?

Meeting new friends, having a great family, having the most and wonderful life I ever could imagine.  

Molly Rebekah asked...
What's your favorite vacation destination?


Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?


What's your favorite thing about being homeschooled?

 I've being on a public school since a year ago, so I really haven't got any idea. The freedom, that was my favorite thing. You had obligations, but I had a lot of freedom. I am glad my parents gave me this freedom. 
What's your favorite season?


Favorite ice cream flavor?

Cappuccino and chocolate. 

What's one of the best Christmas gifts you received?

From my intership, a gif card for a store, a bag filled with mini chocolate's and a almond butter butter bar. It was for Christmas, though I don't celebrate it.

Do you have any pets?


And this is the end!!! I really enjoyed making this. Thanks again for your lovely questions. 😘




  1. Loved reading this, Rachel! Lily James is my favorite actress, too. She's so great. And, haha, if you ever go to Alaska, I would recommend you go in the summer, not winter! ;)

    By the way, I tagged you over at my blog, if you're interested. :)

  2. Oh, that is dreadful that your laptop crashed! D:
    If you don't mind me asking, how did it happen? I'm going to be getting a laptop of my own soon, and it never hurts to take preventative measures. :P

    I love Poldark! :D I'm watching it right now for the first time. It's pretty good. :) (Favorite character by far: Dr. Enys. :D :D :D)

    Anyways, I enjoyed reading! I hope you have a good 2018. :)