Sunday, April 1, 2018

Write About Your Writing Week~Story Snippets

Ruth at Amongst Spring Blossoms is hosting a writing week! I know I bumped in this in the middle of the week, but I hope I'm not to late. So, here we go. Thank you Ruth for hosting this week! <3

Enjoy. :)

 Four ladies looked gracefully at the gentlemen beneath them. He laughed and looked very uncomfortable. The ladies giggled. Why must he, lord Beckett of Hampshire, pick one of these silly, foolish girls to be his wife. Why oh why. He rather be out in the fields, with his horse Gentle, which is an absurd name for a horse. he noticed that one of the ladies didn't laughed at all. She looked at him gracefully and raised one eyebrow. Was she worried? Or did she hoped that he would pick her? He looked at her and she quickly looked aside. He laughed again. And the ladies giggled again. Silly girls he thought. The lady who didn't laughed, for the second time, wore a light purple dress and seemed the oldest of the four. He looked aside and saw that his father was slightly impatient. Beckett sighed. No, he decided. There is no women who can blow his head off with her charm. No one. But as soon as he thought that, he looked up again, to this beautiful lady in a light purple dress. What if his destiny was somewhere else?

 A lonely camp, abandoned. The fire was quickly turned off with a bottle of water. Sheriff Burmaud looked at his company and sighed. Where are these so hard to catch bandiets. Every forceman was looking for these two feared bandiets, lonely travelers, looking for gold. The brothers Coldman. Dave, his company, said:'Seems they heard us. They are gone. They have a big lead boss.' Burmaud nodded and said:'Let's search this tents, maybe they left something. It's worth trying.' Dave nodded at walked to the first tent. He looked, but nothing. Burmaud frowned. Something is not right. He felt there was someone, nearby. And then, like a lighting, a bullet almost hit him. Burmaud yelled:'Look out!!' Dave dropped himself to the ground. Burmaud followed his example.
'They must be close by!'
'What do we do?'
'Take your weapon. We go for it.'
Dave looked uncertain, but he followed Burmaud. Because he couldn't neglect his boss orders. And off they went, seeking for the feared bandiets. 

Valentine looked up to the gentlemen. They bumped into each other while running down a lane. She was running because she was already late for dinner. A lady should not run, she knew better, but she was in a hurry right now. She didn't know why the gentlemen was running, but she didn't want to know, because it wasn't her business.
'Excuse me Sir, it wasn't mine intension to run into you. I was quite late.'
The Gentlemen laughed and said:' It seems everyone is in a hurry these days.'
Valentine smiled. 
'Well, I should be going miss, pleasure to meet you.'
'Pleasure to meet you too Sir.'
The gentlemen tapped against his head and left her alone. she smiled and looked him until he was out of her sight. She wondered if they would ever meet again. Valentine hoped it, because she wanted to know this misterious gentlemen. And then she realised she was late for dinner. With big steps she walked home, dreaming about the gentlemen.


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