Sunday, August 12, 2018

Yet a simple movie post

Hello dear readers!!! Going to give you all something to read on my messy and rambling about my thoughts blog. It's been a while, not so long, but it's a while...

I'm glad summer is cooling off right now, we have had two heat waves here in Holland. Soooo hot. Like 30 degrees celcius. Oh my....Now fall is coming soon. Yes.

Here's a list of movies and series I've recently watched these couple weeks with my family. Some I watched without them. :D

Nanny McPhee

This is definitely a fun movie to watch with the whole family. It's a cute story with an positive message.


The show that start very fun, but gets weirder and weirder every season. We started watching the first and second season, but then we put if off because weird stuff came on. And there where a lot of things that isn't really for little kids. So I started watching it on my own.
It's weird. But I watched all seasons. In the beginning of season 4 everything was quite normal again, nothing strange is happening, but than it starts all over again. Why? Because the audience love it.
I'm going to say I just watched the show because I wanted to see the relationship between Bruce and Selina and how it ends. The end is pretty sad...But they are going to make a fifth season. Wow...another one...hope it doesn't get so weird..but doubt that.


I just watch a few episodes of this serie. But I didn't liked it. Too dramatic for me. And it was quite boring. My family is still watching it, but without me. :D

How To Train Your Dragon
It was a pretty awesome animated movie. I liked and the character were all so fun. So I watched 1 and 2, but I liked 1 better. Much better. :)

Anne with an E

I made a review about it. I love this show! It so fun and so well played. Here's the review, Anne with an E.

At last...

Prison Break

It's been a while since we watched this show. It's funny, amazing and has a lot of action in it. Sometimes too much action, but anyway, a fun show.

Have a lovely day!!!


  1. Aw, that wave of the girl from Full House. She's cute.
    I'm SO glad it's cooling down. I mean, a warm summer is great, but not too long, thank you very much! This summer was like: go low on water, yellow dry grass, leaves getting cracked and brown and falling off the trees way to soon. It was time for some rain and cool winds.
    Nanny McPhee was a real fun movie, and a true for-every-family-member-movie.
    Ah, I do hope Bruce and Selina's end was good. Did they in the end come together? (Obviously, they do, but when, that is the question) Maybe season 5, if it isn't season 4.
    Isn't How To Train Your Dragon fabulous?! I'm glad I watched it. It was one of the first I watched on my own. 1 is better than 2, I agree, but only slightly, for my opinion. 2 made me laugh more though. And cry more.
    Well, not exactly cry, but Stoicks death was pretty sad.
    Anne with an E! I've heard good things about that. I'm really going to watch that serie some day.
    Oh yes, Prison Break! Why doesn't Netflix just put the two last seasons on it alright?
    Great to see a post again. I haven't been seeing a lot from several bloggers, but now they're one by one ''coming back'', so I'll have lots to read ;D

    1. She's so cute. :)

      I know, it's been so hot. This weather is so lovely, not to warm and not to cold. Fall is coming..

      It ended good, but not for Selina. She got shot, but needed to go to a hospital, Bruce left her go alone with Alfred and he stayed to save the city. I'm curious what will happen in season 5.

      It is fabulous! I love How To Train Your Dragon!

      Glad to hear of you blogging again! (sorry for the late comment) <3