Sunday, June 19, 2016

Long Lived Downton

Long lived Downton Abbey

You know I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey. I even made a blog about it.

I watched the last season a couple weeks ago. And it is over *cries*, no Downton anymore. 
I miss it. It was a wonderful series about the lovely Crawley family and their servants. Created by Julian Fellowes. 
Of all characters, I miss Sybil and Matthew, because they were my favorite characters in the whole series. Why did they die?! Why, oh, WHY. I missed them already before I watched season 4.

Downton Abbey is a historical Period Drama! I'm glad it is, because Period Dramas are my favorites.

Mary has become a cold person after Matthew died. She sticks up with not-like-Matthew men. Well, in season 6 she lives happily ever after with Henry Talbot. He isn't bad, but I like Matthew more.

And what about Tom Branson? He goes with this horrible teacher Sarah Bunting after Sybil dies. (sorry for the word horrible.) She annoyed me a lot. I'm glad he wasn't married with her.

And Edith? She finally finds true love. :)

While watching this series, I found the costumes AMAZING!!
Here are some very lovely costumes. 

Aren't they lovely?

And the servants?

Daisy finally found true love, a guy named Andy Parks.
Gwen Dawson has returned on Downton.
Mr. Carson and Mrs Hughes are happily married.
Thomas gets his job as butler on Downton.

And Anna and Bates?
They are finally getting there first baby. Isn't this adorable?

This is it, Downton. We all miss it.

~Yours truly, Rachel





  1. Yes, I really miss Downton Abbey!

  2. Love and miss Downton Abbey! Matthew was my favorite character too. I also liked Charles Blakely; he reminded me a lot of Matthew.

  3. I haven't seen the sixth season yet, but I really want to. It sounds quite interesting. :) I'm so glad Edith finally gets married!