Monday, August 22, 2016



The lovely lady Naomi has made a awesome tag. :)

So, here are the answers. Thank you for the tag Naomi!

1. Who introduced you to Downton Abbey?

My mom. Well, also my grandparents. Yes, it's true. It was one of the days whe stayed by my grandparents for a couple weeks. We watched tv and it was almost bedtime. My grandpa turned the tv screen for Downton Abbey, I think they were by season 4. We watched only one episode. My grandma told us that the show was called Downton Abbey. So, a couple months later we watched Downton. Funny, isn't it?

2. What season did you (or: do you think you would) enjoy the most?

Season 2,but I like 3 and 1 too.

3. Who wore the prettiest wedding dress?

Definitely Rose Aldrigde.
4. What plot/ scene came most unexpected to you? (Or do you pre-read all the spoilers?)

I must admit, I read spoilers. I can't help it, I just want to know everything. :) Alright, I didn't knew this: Robert throwed blood up at the dinner table, Sybil died and the fire in Dowton Abbey.
5. If you could save one character from dying, who would you save?

However I really love Sybil, I would go for Matthew, because he and Mary are perfect. I love Henry Talbot and Mary together, but I prefer Matthew.

6. Who is your favourite Downton Abbey footman?

William Mason.

7. What typo annoyes you more? ''Downtown Abbey'' or ''Downton Abby''?

Downtown Abbey, why do you want to call it like that? It's so, modern!. 'Abby' just sounds like 'Abbey', you know. 'Abby' is not so annoying, however I just like the word 'Downton Abbey', the way it must.

8. Which character do you think developed the best throughout the seasons?

Thomas and Rose (0eps, I chosed two)
9. Favourite Downton Abbey couple? (Okay, pick two, because there's too much cuteness to narrow down to one.)

First on top are....Rose and Atticus

And then......Mary and Matthew (however I love Anna and Bates too)


10. Which of Granny Grantham's one-liners is your favourite?

''Principles are like prayers, noble, of course. But awkward at a party.'' 

11. How do you react when you meet another DA-lover?

No, REALLY?! You love DA? Girl, we must talk about it. DA is the BEST show ever!!

12. Do you think the show should go on and on, or do you think it should have ended earlier?

I enjoyed watching all the seasons, but I think it should have ended earlier, however I love the show very much. 

13. Which room in Downton Abbey is your favourite?

Definitely the library. All the BOOKS!!! I love it.
14. If you could be part of the story, would you rather be a person downstairs of upstairs?

I love both downstairs as upstairs. What much I choose??!! I think I would go for downstairs, because I would love it to work as a maid at DA, however being a lady is awesome too. 
15. Who would you rather spend an afternoon with, Mrs Patmore or Mrs Crawley/Cora?

I choose for Cora. It would be lovely, however, If I could choose anyone I may, I it would be Violet, because she is so funny and very wise.

16. Do you have any Downton Abbey inside jokes with someone?

Yes. With my dear family and friends. :) It's mostly about everything of DA.

17. Describe the show in one word.


18. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a fan do you conside yourself?

I think a 9, maybe a 10.
19. Do you sometimes forgot who is who?

Not really. Only some characters who don't appear so much.

20. Finally, who is your favourite character? (okay, pick three favourites, but no more than three- NO MORE), and why do you love them?

1. Lady Violet Grantham. Because she is hilarious, you can laugh with her.

2. Anna. Because she is a lovely, kind and caring woman. 

3. Sybil Crawley. Because she is a lovely girl. Why must she die?!! *cries*

Now, the end is here. I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for the tag Naomi, I loved it!




  1. Loved this!! I did it on my period drama blog!

  2. Wow, our answers are so similar! Loved reading this, dear!

    1. Thank you dear Naomi! Yes, we have the same taste about DA, maybe not always, but mostly. :)
      I love DA and I'm glad you made a DA Week.

  3. We answered a LOT of the questions the same. :)