Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting- Review

I watched this movie a couple......months ago? Or was it a year? I can't remember anymore, so I just leave it like this. I found this movie especially lovely, it is one my list ''favorite movie ever''. 
The story, set during the turn of the twenthieth century, centers around a young girl, Winnie Foster, and the mysterious immortal family she stumbles upon in the woods behind her home. As Winnie gets to know the Tuck family, she comes to realize that their blessing is also, in a way, a curse.
When I saw this lovely movie on Pinterest, a Disney released motion picture adaption of the book in 2002, I wanted to look him.

And YES, it's splendid. Some people say this movie is silly, but it isn't. If you love fairytales, like me, this movie is lovely to watch.

I must read the book.

Film: Tuck Everlasting

Year: 2002

Director: Jay Russell

Starring: Alexis Bledel, Jonathan Jackson, Sissy Spacek, William Hurt, Ben Kingsley, Victor Garber

Costume Design: Carol Ramsey




  1. I've heard of this movie, but I've never seen it. It sounds interesting, though. I may have to give it a try one of these days. :)

    1. This movie is so lovely, you must watch it!

  2. Replies
    1. It is a splendid movie, and it's a Period Drama!