Monday, October 10, 2016

Header votes!!!!

Okay, I must admit that I've stolen this idea from my sister Ruth. 
(Hope you don't mind dear!)

I made three headers and you can say which one you like the best. I put the header with the most votes on my blog. Say anything what you want, I don't mind!

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

There is coming a Robin Hood BBC Week on 17 october - 22 october.
I'm a huge fan of this awesome series, but Downton Abbey will stay on the first place.

Everyone can join the Robin Hood BBC Week. So, you can post anything you want in that week, everything about Robin Hood.

If you have no clue where I'm talking about, check here. 



  1. AHH they're all pretty! Number one is my favourite, though. ;-)

  2. They're all gorgeous and I simply CAN'T choose a favourite! I love 1,2, and 3! :)

  3. Oh! How can I decide? I think number one.
    Do you know where I can watch the BBC Robin Hood?

  4. I like 3 the best but 1 comes close in second. 2 is very pretty too. :) Yay can't wait! I love Robin Hood!!

  5. ...And by the way, I've nominated you for this award:

  6. Thank you all for your lovely commments!!!

    1. Moviecritic, you can look the series on Youtube. You can see every episode of each series. It was on Netflix, but they removed it.

  7. I like 1 and 3 the best! 2 is also very pretty!
    Lovely headers!!

  8. Beautiful headers Rachel! I like them all, but 1 the best.

  9. Oh, and I don't mind at all!