Friday, October 21, 2016

My answers to the Robin Hood BBC Tag

First, a random gif of Robin and Marian

1. Who introduced you to the Robin Hood BBC series?

My mom. One day, we just went watch something, but we couldn't get out which one to choose. (We mostly choose a movie or serie with everyone) 
So, my mom said:'Let's watch Robin Hood'
We watched a movie, Robin Hood, of 2010 and it was awful. It was terrible. So, I thought it would be just the same, maybe some things where changed. But I was suprised how much I liked this show.
It looked like this on Netflix.
2. How do you react when there is someone else who just started seeing the series?

Great!!! Which episode are you? Do you like it?

3. Which season do you like the most?

Season 1 and 2. Can't choose!

4. Did you wanted that the show could go on and on, or should it have ended just like it ended?

Just the way it is. :) However I don't like season 3.

5. Favourite Character? (Okay, pick at least four, because there are so much characters to choose)

Marian, Allan A Dale, Much and Meg.

6. Which character do you dislike the most?


7. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a fan do you consider yourself?


8. If you wanted to save someone of dying, who would it be?

9. Which character would you not want to play in the show?

Isabella and Kate.

10. At least, which couple do you like the most?

Robin and Marian



  1. Robin and Marian forever 💕❤️💕❤️💕

  2. I loved both of the gifs!! They were perfect! Great tag. No you must excuse me while I go cry about Robin and Marian and these gifs.

  3. Sorry, Rachel I think you might be in the middle of your Robin Hood week but--I just wanted you to know that I tagged you with the Q&A tag. You can find out more here:

    1. Well thank you!!!
      It doesn't matter, it is almost finished, the Robin Hood Week. :)

  4. Oh yes! Which character do you dislike the most: Isabella. I don't like season three either so I just stopped watching it.

    1. Isabella is awfull!!! Some parts of season 3 are fun, but the most I don't like.