Sunday, January 15, 2017

You Have Been Gilmored!

First of all, I've you haven't seen Gilmore Girls yet, WATCH IT. It's hilarious, beautiful, and it had great characters. Okay, don't take the WATCH Gilmore Girls seriously, you don't have to look it, but it is awesome.

I LOVE the show. We are by season 3 right now, and I still love it. 

My best friend and her mom have been watching the series for a long time, and one day we went to visit them and they told us about the series. So, when we went home, and everything was done, like dishes, eating and whatever you do on a evening, we turned on the tv and watched it. 
The first beginning wasn't so boring as I thought. Not that I suspected that it would be boring, but usually beginnings of movies and series is quite boring, but this one isn't.

It isn't weird, it's funny, there are lovely and funny and boring characters, the town name is Stars Hollow, which is a beautiful name and I want to live there, and their is romance.

And we have Luke's Diner, Taylor's shop, the Gilmore house, the grandparents house, Kim's Antique, and a lot of other houses.

And their are so much characters.

And it is hilarious. We always laugh while watching the serie.

Okay, the characters can have a turn now.

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, the mother and daughter.

They are addictid to coffee. You can see throught the whole show every time a cup of coffee in their hands. And food like ice cream, pizza, fries and burgers. But mostly, coffee. They love watching movies on the bench.

Lorelai works at Independence Inn, she is best friends with Luke and Sookie. She had Rory when she was sixteen and raised her up on her own. She doesn't really had a good relation with her parents.

Rory is sixteen, a young and kind girl, who is always kind to everyone, even when they aren't kind, she is best friends with Lane, and helps her a lot. Rory loves books. She does go to college at Chilton.
She dreams of studying at Harvard.

Luke Danes, the owner of Luke's Diner

Luke's dad was de owner of a iron shop, when he died, Luke turned the shop into a diner. He is kind, he always helps, he reacts grumpy sometimes, he doesn't like jokes. And he doesn't likes it that Lorelai and Rory always order junk food and coffee. It's bad for you he always says.

Lane, best friend of Rory

Lane is a kind girl who loves everything about music. Unfortunately he mother disagrees and forbids music and boyfriends. She is Korean and her mother is a very religion woman. Her mother owns a little antique store, named Kim's Antigue. Lane secretly hides her cd collections under secrets planks under the floor that you can lift up. She also has a secret room in her closet where she sits, listening to music.

Sookie, cook in the Independence Inn, best friend of Lorelai

Sookie loves cooking and baking and she is always trying out new recipes. She is best friends with Lorelai, however they sometimes argue. Sookie is a kind woman who loves making food for everyone. You always see her in the kitchen, making everything. She and Jackson started dating.

Lorelai's Parents, Emily and Richard Gilmore
Emily is a strict woman. Richard is a businessman who loves to work. They payed for Rory's education at Chilton and in pay for that Lorelai and Rory must come every friday for dinner. Emily and Lorelai don't have such a good relation with each other as mother and daughter, but through the seasons that maybe can change. Richard and Emily are really fond of Rory and wants the best for her. Lorelai doesn't always agrees with the decisions Emily makes for Rory.

Michel, concierge of Independence Inn

Michel is hilarious. He is french, but speaks english, with a little bit french in it. He is often grumpy, sarcastic, unpleasant. He had two dogs. If he comes on screen, we always laugh. His nickname is Grumpy Pants. He is HILARIOUS!!!

Paris Geller, classmate of Rory at Chilton. She dreams of studying at Harvard. Rory and she become friends, however they don't agree on everything.

Dean, Rory's boyfriend. He just came living in Stars Hollow, he and Rory become friends and later they are a couple. However there are difficulties.

Jess, Luke's nephew. When he first arrived, he hated everyone and made a mess. He falls for Rory.
Kirk, a quirky, good-hearted, but emotionally stunted, very odd man. He lives in Stars Hollow and has different jobs.

Christopher, Rory's dad. He wanted to marry Lorelai, but she didn't. He often comes to visit them.

Jackson, he is Stars Hollow's preemint produce supplier. He and Sookie started dating.

Mrs. Kim, Lane's mother. She is a very religion woman who disapproves boyfriends and music.

Tristan, classmate of Rory at Chilton.
Max Medina, teacher of Rory. He and Lorelai were engaged to be married, but she cancelled the wedding.

Taylor, owner of the grocery store. He and Luke disagree about a lot of things.

The scene where Luke pushes his nephew in the lake. One of the funniest moments.

Have you seen Gilmore Girls?


  1. Replies
    1. You MUST. :) It's so lovely and funny.

  2. I just started watching and am only to episode 6 of season 1. I love it! Sookie is my favorite I think, although who doesn't love the bookish nature of Rory? I just recently posted a list of all the books that Rory reads on the series and am reading my way through the list. Not in any serious way, just picking and choosing.

  3. Oooh, I just LOVE Gilmore Girls! It's all you described it to be. Hilarious, and so great! I'm so looking forward to watching the next episode! Great post!

    1. Thank you Ruth!! Sorry for the late respond.
      I LOVE Gilmore Girls!!! I'm addicted to it. :)

  4. I love Gilmore Girls, too. :) The first three seasons were my personal favorites (the high school years.) I watched them all, then told my mom she really needed to give it a try, and now some of the Gilmore wit and humor have become staples between us. xD

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Skyeler!
      Yay!!! You love Gilmore Girls too!!!