Sunday, May 28, 2017

Do you know who I am? I'm Robin Hood!

How it all began, the growing romance between Robin and Marian.

(There will be SPOILERS!!!!)

Now, we all love the relationship between those sweethearts. Don't we?
Before Robin went to fight at the Holy Land, he and Marian were engaged. But Robin thought it was his duty to fight next to his king at the Holy Land, so, off he went, leaving Marian alone, with no promise if he is ever going te return back.

Years later, they meet again. That is actually the first time we see Marian, with a bow, which is cool. I really loved her the first time I saw here, standing next to her father, telling Robin to leave. <3

But, they must meet again, and they do. Marian is telling Robin that he is a fool and he must grow up.  He stil loves her, you can see it ever time in his eyes, when he sees her. He still has a big part of her heart, even though he left her to fight with his king in the Holy Land. She knows and he knows. 

We also have that Guy and Marian issue, which has put my mind thinking what is going to happen with the relationship of Robin and Marian. But, as we all know, Robin wins at the end, don't think at the consequences of the issue. 

Guy is actually a fly who is buzzing aroud Marian, leaving Robin think if she still loves him or not. I know I sound hard against Guy, but he can be annoying, sometimes. In season 3 he changes.
Actually Marian plays with both Guy and Robin's feelings, she is not really playing with their feelings, she does what is the best for her and her father. They both love her, but only one can win her heart. Guy is always buying presents for Marian, showing his feelings in a quite way for her.

Another obstacle is that Robin is an outlaw and she lives with her father in a small town, later in the castle of the sherrif of Notthingham as a prisoner. She is not allowed to see Robin, because he is an outlaw, but she does. 

And then we have the episode where Marian almost dies. Robin tells her that he loves her, which she doesn't hear. Thanks to dear Allan A Dale she was saved.
''I'm not being funny, but she is breathing.''

Marian almost wedded Guy of Gisborne, but Much thought her reconsider her decision. Which was a relief, because if that happened, all hopes would float for Robin. Then Marian finally discovers that she loves Robin.

Then, a few weeks later, Guy is still angry on Marian for leaving him at the altar, Marian's father dies. It is very heartbreaking for her, because she loves him with all her heart. Guy wants to comfort her, but she neglects him and seek for protection of Robin. 

And then they are finally happily together! <3 
Marian leaves the castle and her father's old home and lives with Robin and the other gang members in the woods. But, they both can be stubborn, so they argue a lot with each other, disagree with a lot of things. Robin thinks Marian can't join the gang when they try to safe people from the sheriff and Guy. But, stubborn as she is, Marian ignores Robin and joins them. But, they are sorry and make things good. 
Robin proposes and Marian says yes. <3

Then Marian turns back to the castle, but she and Robin still meet. She is his little spy, like Allan would say, little Marian bird told him, giving him information about the sheriff's plans.
Marian finds out that Robin died, which is not true, and tries to kill the sheriff. She is taken to the Holy Land with Guy and the sheriff. Robin finds out that she is taken to the Holy Land and goes after her. With the other members of the gang. Because, we must not forget them. 

Guy and the sheriff are trying to kill the king, and Robin tries to stop them. 
Guy wants to kill the king, who is injured with an arrow, but Marian stops him and beg him not to kill the king. Guy says he must and then.....she tells him that she loves Robin. Guy gets furious and stabs his sword in her stomach. She falls and Guy stands there, watching like a statue. 
Robin comes running to Marian and screams NOOOO!!! Guy jumps behind the sheriff and they leave. 

Robin and Marian continue their vows of marriage. Robin gives Marian a ring and the marry. And then the awfullest thing happened, our herione Marian dies. Robin teturns to England, heartbroken. 
This is the story of two young lovers, who find love, although their are a lot of obstacles in their way. The end is tragical, it shouldn't have happened. 

At the end of season 3, they find each other and live happily ever after. 

Robin and Marian forever. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


  1. This was a lovely post, Rachel! I really enjoyed reading it and it is very well written! The pictures of when Marian dies,are heartbreaking :(
    Although I don't think Marian played with Robin and Guy's feelings. She never really say she loved Guy and did not show it either(mostly not). But you can see she loves Robin and I don't think she plays with his feelings eithe, but all in all it was a great post!

    1. Thank you dear!

      Okay, on that subject I have written it wrong. She doesn't plays with both their feelings. Sorry, my fault.

  2. Very well written, I agree! <3

  3. Sorry this is late! I thought I had commented on it already!

    This post is so amazing!!! It tells the story perfectly! I love how you mentioned that the first time we see Marian is with a bow! I love that part! Then Much says, "And I thought we were coming to see the old sherif." <3

    I love all the gifs and pictures that you used! <3 <3 <3

    Rachel this was a fantastic post! I can't wait to see more of them in July! ;)

    1. It doesn't matter, I'm glad you commented. It's always fun to have a late comment. :)

      Aww, thank you dear! Yah, the scene where Robin sees Marian for the first time in many years is very funny. And Much.. :)

      Gee, thanks MovieCritic! I think I will write this sort of posts with other couples. You brought me on a idea. Thank you!