Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Life Questions Tag and my answers of my own tag

Beautiful picture, isn't it?
My dear sister Ruth has tagged me with these lovely and simple questions. She blogs here, a awesome and beautiful blog.

Thank you Ruth!

On to the questions!

1. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Three brothers and three sisters.

2. Are you the eldest of the children? If no, what number are you then?

Number 2. Yes, I'm the second eldest.

3. Do you collect/save stuff?

Actually, no. Sometimes I just find something very beautiful, like a quote of picture. But I don't collect/save things. :)

4. Do you have a job? Permanent or not, doesn't matter. 

I had a job. Delivering papers and I didn't like it at all. 

5. How do you celebrate your birthday?

My family and I keep it very simple. We make some cake and make presents. We aren't really going to have a party with a lot of people and music etc. Well, we do get visitors, my aunts and uncles, and my grandparents.

6. Do you have an own bedroom or do you share it? Which whom?

I have my own bedroom. Don't be jealous, it isn't always fun. Of course you have more privacy and it's very quite. But it would be fun to sleep with your sisters or brothers in one room.

7. How late do you go to bed? (Latest, normal or earliest)

We normally go 11 o'clock, it's true. So, that will be latest. But when we are very tired, we go 9 o'clock.

8.  Do you study a language? (except for your birth language)

No, I used to do German, but it was so hard. I speak English and Dutch. Dutch because it's my birth language and English because we always watch English spoken movies.

9. Do you play any instrument?

Yes, the piano. Okay, I can read some notes, but not all. The most songs I play I event myself. :)

10. How often do you drink tea?

Every day. I drink three cups. I know it's a lot, but I love tea!

11. Do you have a large garden?

No, not really. It's big, but not so big.

12. What do you like better, Jane Austen movies of Downton Abbey?

However I really like Jane Austen movies, Downton Abbey will always be the best.

13. Can you read a book in one hour?

No, except if it is a very short book.

14. Do you ever feel like visiting great places?

Yah, I think so. Especially when I'm watching movies with stunning places. :)

15. Do you like drawing and/or painting?
Not quite, but I do it a lot. It isn't my favourite hobby of mine, because I'm not really good at it. :)

And now, my answers of my own tag I made.

1. Who's your favourite actress? (Okay, pick at least three, because there are so many of them)

Lily James, Jessica Brown Findlay and Lucy Griffiths

2. Which red carpet dress is the best one your ever saw?

Let's see. This is the best one I ever saw.
3. If there is going to be a new Pride and Prejudice, which actor and actress you choose for Elizabeth and Darcy?

Elizabeth:I think Jessica Brown Findlay
Darcy: I think James Norton
4. Do you know Lily James real full name without looking it up on Internet?

Ahem....Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson.

5. Who's your favourite actor? (Pick at least three, because there are also many actors)

I think that will be Dan Stevens, Richard Madden and Matthew MacFayden.

6. Which red carpet dress is the worst you ever saw?

This one. UUUGLAAYY!
7. Who's your favourite Royal family?
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their children.

8. Are there actors/actresses you don't like?

Gwyneth Paltrow, Taylor Swift (I know she is a singer, but she also acts), Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Barbra Streisand, Johnny Depp, Robert Redford.

9. Do you have a favourite child actor/actress?

Actually, no. 

10. What's the prettiest celebrities name you ever heard?

I have no idea. 

11. What's your favourite movie quote?

This one. :)

12. If you where a actress, and you where to play one of the ladies of DA, who would you want to play?

Rose Aldridge. However she was in the beginning a very flirty girl. That isn't so fun to play. I also was thinking about playing Sybil, but that is a very fun and sad role. :)

13. Do you often talk about actors/actresses with your family?

A lot, especially when we are looking a new serie or movie. :D

14. Which actor/actress would you want to meet? (Right, just pick two, to make it funner)

Lily James and Richard Madden.










  1. What a lovely post! Wow! You and I agree on actors and actressess we don't like! They look like the perfect Darcy and Elizabeth! I really need to finish watching Downton Abbey, maybe this winter.

  2. Thank you both for these lovely comments! :)

  3. Hee! "What is a weekend" is one of the funniest quotations ever. I do love Dame Maggie Smith :-D

    1. I also love Maggie Smith. She is hilarious! I especially love her in Downton Abbey. :)