Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Emma (2009) Review

Hello hello!!! It's me again, who is loading you all with absurd posts idea's that come into my mind.

Okay, let's move on.

Emma!!! I 💓 both movie and book.

There are three Emma film adaption that I know, but I have only seen one adaption and it will be my favourite ever.

I haven't seen the one with Gwyneth Paltrow, my best friend has seen it, and she loved it. I have seen the beginning of the adaption, but turned it off, because it started so boring.

All movies start quite boring, you just have to look the till the end. If you just turn it off, which I did, you don't know if it's lovely or funny. Or whatever you can say about a movie.

Okay! (did I just used that word twice?)

Let's start.

Emma, the main character. Emma, isn't it just a scrumptious name. I 💗 the name Emma, but I am very proud of my own name.

Emma Woodhouse is a young, beautiful and rich woman.She is always trying to match people with each other, like her governess and her best friend. She is so busy managing every ones live, that she doesn't know her own.

We all know that she finallt realizes that she loves Mr Knightley, who has been a good friend for her and her father. I mean, Mr Knightley is  perfect for her.

 And there is Mr Knightley, the good and lovely friend of the family Woodhouse. He often comes to visit Hartfield, where Emma and her father lives. He and Emma sometimes have a squabble with each other on some things. He always respected Emma and eventually her falls in love with her.
He and Emma had one huge fight in the whole miniseries. The fight on Box Hill. I didn't like it when they fight, but on one point Mr Knightley has it right. You understand me if you seen the miniseries.
But I love it when they finally end up with each other. When Emma realises she loves Mr Knightley. 

Of course there is also Harriet Smith. The girl who Emma took care of and who becomes best friends with Emma. Emma tries to hook Harriet with Mr Elton, but he has no interest in Harriet, but likes Emma a lot. Emma doesn't like him at all and is upset when he tells her that he is not in love with Harriet. Harriet is a sweet and lovely girl, who believes everything. So, when the ''I'm-in-love-with-Mr-Elton'' thought is over, she falls in love with Mr Knigtley. She tells Emma, which upsets Emma. But eventually she marries the farmer boy Robert Martin, who has been her love interest for a long time.

There are more characters. But I won't review them, because it would be too long. And there are other things I want to put in this post.

Here's  my older review of Emma, with all the characters in it. 

On to my favourite topic of Emma!!! Costumes!

Here are all my favourite dresses of Emma.

All the other characters have lovely costumes too. 


And I love the trailer!  I've you haven't seen Emma, the 2009 version, you must see it. 
It's splendid!!!


This video is about behind the costumes of Emma, it's very interesting.


And the music!!! It's so lovely. The soundtracks of Emma 2009 are one of my favourites.
Just listen....💓

Emma 2009 is the best film adaption of Emma. It's a miniserie, which is fun, lovely, great and scrumptious. 

So, what's your opinion of Emma (2009)?

Are there any other Emma adaptions you have seen?


  1. This is my favorite, too!!! (And of course, you probably already knew that:) It is sooo good, though. I enjoyed your review:)

    I have the 1996 version with Gwyneth Paltrow, too. It's good, but definitely not as good as this one:) I'd like to see the Kate Beckinsale one, just because.

    1. Thank you Elanor!!!

      You seen the 1996 version? I haven't seen it. Maybe I have to watch it one day. :)

      I never seen the version with Kate Beckinsale.

  2. I adore this movie! It is in my top two favorite Jane Austen film adaptions, second only to Pride and Prejudice (2005). It just has all the greatness.

    1. Thanks Classic Girl!!

      I love Pride and Prejudice 2005 too!! *high five*

  3. Oh, I love this adaption of Emma! It's the best!
    (That's because I haven't seen the other adaptions that are made of Emma)
    You're right, Mr Knightley and Emma belong together.
    And Harriet, she falls in love with quite a few men, doesn't she? If Emma didn't interfere, she would've married Martin a long time ago.
    But if Emma didn't interfere, she wouldn't be Emma anymore! Do you know what I mean? Emma is the girl who interferes with everyone and sometimes says mean things about certain people called Miss Bates. On the other hand(this reminds me of Fiddler on the Roof), she's sweet and wants to have the best for everyone. And she wanted to make things good between Jane Fairfax and herself, after she found out about Frank and Jane. And in the end, it alle ends up good.
    Loved the post, Rachel!

    1. Thank you for your long comment sister!!

      Emma and Mr Knightley <3

      Yah, Harriet sure falls in love with many guys. But she and Robert Martin are adorable.

      Jep, I know what you mean. Emma is Emma, and will always be Emma.

      It's going to be alright, like they say in many movies. :)
      Emma always have to end good, because otherwise it wouldn't be Emma.

  4. I LOVE Emma 2009!!! And Emma herself!!!
    And I love the costume picture collages!!

  5. Looks and sounds lovely!!! I really need to see this!!! Great review!!

    1. I'm glad I could help you. :)

      Thank you for your comment MovieCritic!!!!

  6. I LOVE this movie, and you did a great job reviewing it, Rachel! :)

    Yes, Emma's costumes are absolutely beautiful! Seriously, I want her wardrobe, haha.

    The soundtrack to this movie is one of my favorites, too. :)

  7. Very nice review! I finally saw this version for the first time last month, and I liked it so well, I watched it over again a couple weeks later with my mom to introduce it to her. I like the Gwyneth Paltrow version better, but I liked this one a lot as well -- more than I actually expected to! I especially loved Michael Gambon as Mr. Woodhouse -- I feel much more sympathetic toward him after watching this version.

    Thanks for contributing this to I Love Austen Week!

    1. Thank you Hamlette!

      I am afraid to say that I don't really like the version with Gweneth Paltrow. I have seen a little bit, and I didn't liked it so much as the 2009 version. Anyway, everyone can have other opinions.

      I loved The Jane Austen Week! It was awesome!

    2. That's fair. I watched the first episode of this about a year ago and just didn't care for it, couldn't get into it, etc. But in January, I had a bad stomach bug, and this was free to watch from Amazon Video, so I gave it another try. Still didn't care for the first episode, but went ahead and watched the second cuz I was just lying on the couch doing nothing, and I liked that a bit better, so then watched the rest the next day and liked it quite well by the end. So... if I'd just stuck with watching a little bit, I wouldn't have watched this either.

      Glad you enjoyed Austen Week :-)

  8. Mr Knightley is my favourite Austen hero. I like this movie version, too, I think it's better than the Kate Beckinsale version.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Rosie!

      I LOVE this version!!! I actually never have seen the version with Kate Beckinsale.

  9. I absolutely adore Emma's yellow dress you have pictured up at the top. So charming. I'm very curious about the costuming video, as well, I will have to check that out! :)

    1. Emma's yellow dress is my favorite of all her dresses. The costume video is really great to watch!

  10. You wrote an Emma review too!! Capital! :D

    It's lovely!! I enjoyed reading it Rachel!

    1. Thank you for your comment dear!!

      Emma sure is a lovely miniserie!