Sunday, May 14, 2017


So, before I start, I want to apolagize for neglecting my blog entirely. The weeks has been busy, so I had no time making any blog posts. But I will try to catch up.

Let's start.

Hello there!!! Before I start filling your mind, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Mother's Day!
It has been very quite on this blog, and I am sorry for neglecting it. I really love blogging, but the weeks had kept me very busy. I have to go to school every day, learning a lot, and two days in a week I have to walk intership. The whole day. So that explains my long absence.

There is coming a new header one of these days, I thought, let me warn you all. :)

We finally have finished season 2 of Road to Avonlea. I wish there where more seasons for us to watch. The only seasons who are in the library are season 1 and 2. If you want to watch the other seasons, you have to buy them. So, we have to wait until all the seasons come in the library. :( I can not wait till they are. I really want to watch them all, however they are not with dutch subtitels, but I don't care, I can inprove my english if I watch them without dutch subtitels. Anyway, we have to wait. Maybe I will buy them one day, who knows.
 We watched Anne of Green Gables too. Such a lovely movie. You just can look it over and over, without having enough of it. It's funny, because Marilla, Rachel Lynde and Gilbert do appear in Road to Avonlea. Gilbert is only seen in one episode of serie 3. Marilla and Rachel appear very often in the show. It was so funny watching them in both Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea. 

I am proud to say I am writing a story. :) 

The title is called The English Girl. And yes, the picture above is a scene of the story.

So, here's a little piece of the story. 

1/ Arriving at Storyfield

I was seventeen when my dad died. My mom was very young when she died, I was only fourteen. She left me alone with my dad, who has been drinking all the time since my mom past away. Often I cried myself to sleep, thinking how my life would be if my mom still lived. It became a difficult time for me.  In the recent years, my father was never home. He often went drinking with his friends and stayed there for the night. And when he was home, he was always drunk. I often went to my room when dad came home, afraid for his anger. Now he was dead. I felt relieved, although I knew that it should not feel like that. Dr Marshall said that he killed himself with his drinking habbits. I knew my dad wasn't rich, nor poor. But he secretly has arranged a place to stay for me. Far away, with my aunt, which I only know by name. Aunt May Winsfield. Dad left a little bit money for me, to pay my ticket. Hardly enough. Dad's estate and stables where property of my uncle. He was fond of money, with his sharp nose and big belly. He had been married, but his poor wife walked away with their little son Daniel. She couldn't stand him. He never washed himself and he snored. I wanted to leave soon so I did not have to see him. I was looking forward living by my aunt. It seems excited. She lives in a little village named Storyfield. I picked my suitcase and went to bed.
The next morning I woke up early, the sunshine shine through the big window. I forgot to close the curtains. Apparently, Vera didn't do it either. Vera is my maid. I really hoped for her that she could stay here. I quickly slipped into my clothes. I made a easy braid in my hair and went downstairs, with my suitcase in my hand. I was ready to leave. I quickly looked over my shoulder to see my old room. It was time for a fresh start somewhere else. Vera was early up today, because I met her in the hall. She looked at me with her big eyes, looking at the suitcase in my hand. 
''Where are you going, miss?''
''I have to go. My train leaves soon. Here, this letter explains everything. Bye dear. I will miss you. Say hi to little Louis for me!''
''But miss.....''
''I'm sorry, I have to go, I will mis my train and I can NOT wait untill the next one.''
I put the letter in her hands and gave her a quick hug. And there I went, on my way to the unknown. 

Now, that is a little piece of my story. :)


  1. YOU'RE WRITING A STORY?!! That's awesome, Rachel!! It sounds like a sad but exciting story thus far. And Storyfield is such a cool name for a village. I like it. I wonder what her aunt is going to be like. (Nice I hope. :)) Keep up the good work, my friend.

    1. Aww, thank you dear for your sweet comment!

  2. Oh Rachel! This story has caught my intrest! I can't wait to read more!

    1. Aww, so sweet! Thank you for your comment dear!

  3. Ooh, I am really looking forward to further scenes, or maybe even whole chapters ;) My own story(which I was going to put on Blogger) did not come along very well, sadly. But I like your story, I hope the aunt is not a mean woman. Same feelings here about Road to Avonlea!!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment dear!!