Free Headers

On this page I also share my free headers, just for fun. (please comment and let me know if you want to use one) I'd love it.

This idea I have from this amazing talented blogger, Naomi.
She makes such pretty headers!


Well, Miss Dashwood, I have made your requested header. So, here it is. What do you think, is there something wrong, I will change it, don't you like it, I will make it different. It is your decision. 

(After you put it on your blog, if you like it, I will delete this from this page.)


  1. Awwww, but seriously. I love your headers too. :-)

  2. Oh my i might have to use one!

  3. How beautiful!! Rachel I'd love to use either your 2nd or 5th header. They are both gorgeous! (if only I could decide which I like better :P)

    Just out of curiosity, would you do one by special request??

    1. Of course you can use them. I would love it. :)

      I can make one by special request.
      Just name eveything what you want in your header and I will make one.

    2. I would love to make headers by special request. :)

    3. Yay! Do you think you could make me one with the same layout as the 5th header, with the 2009 picture of Emma at the piano, and then anything else that's very pretty and happy and period drama-ish! and if I can actually get it to cooperate for me, I would love to use it :D !!

      I tried the 5th header and it won't fit :( I don't know if there's some way to make it fit, or if blogger is just being schnibly. Do you know how to make that work??

  4. Of course dear!!! I will try to make a Period Drama-ish header for you, with the picture of Emma at the piano of the 2009 version. Can I choose just some period drama pictures or do you have specific pictures in your mind??

    I use a app on my computer named paint and pics art for my headers and you can make it fit.

  5. Yes just choose any period drama pictures that are happy and bright, I also really like the bicycle picture in #5, if that would fit in somewhere! Thank you so much!

    I can't find the app! *sob*

    Is Paint and Pics Art the specific name?

    1. All right, I will start making your requested header.

      Ooww, yah, they are. I have windows 10 on my computer, I guess you only can download Picsart if you have windows 10, but you can download Paint anywhere. That is weird.

    2. I just found Picsart but not Paint XD. My word this is complicated! I have windows 10 as well. Haha oh well.

      Thank you I can't wait to see the header!