Monday, June 5, 2017

Road to Avonlea

Hi there!! 

Here is the promised review of the lovely series of Road to Avonlea.

We are watching season 5 now, which is very lovely, as all of the seasons we already watched. 

We couldn't find season 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the library, so I googled a little while and I found a site where we could look all seasons of Road to Avonlea. Without subtitels, but that doesn't really matter to me, it can improve my English. 

If you might be curious, here's the link of the site: GoMovies.

Let us take a look at zee characters. (Sorry for the fuzziness in some pictures)

Sara Stanley~  Sara is an adventurous ten-year-old girl, she grows older through the seasons, used to living luxuriously in Montreal with her father and nanny Louisa, she must learn to adjust to simpler life in the little village of Avonlea in Prince Edward Island. Her mom was Ruth, the sister of Alex, Hetty and Olivia King. Sara must stay with her aunts Olivia and Hetty King at Rose Cottage. Sara learns to appreciate the lifestyle Avonlea has to offer and eventually comes to enjoy it.

Hetty King~ Hetty is the middle-aged, traditional and very serious school teacher of Avonlea and also the head of the King family. She is living at Rose Cottage with her sister Olivia, who got married in season 2, and her niece Sara. Hetty becomes a important person in Sara's life, a second mother figure.

Felicity King~ Felicity is the eldest daughter of Alex and Janet King. She is often insists on taking on adult responsibilities of her younger sister and brothers and her niece, Sara. In season 2, she meets Gus Pike, who is eventually becomes her crush or should I say boyfriend trough the seasons.

Felix King~ Welcome to the road of trouble. Felix is the second eldest son of Alex and Janet King. He seems to get in trouble every episode of the seasons, but he has a good heart. Felix is quite ambitious and is always trying to find ways to make money. He is good friends with his niece Sara and the Pettibone children.

Cecily King~ Cecily is the quiet, younger daughter of Alex and Janet King. Unlike her sister Felicity and her brother Felix, Cecily loves the farm and is content to stay in Avonlea. She loves her dog Digger.

Olivia King~ Olivia is the sister of Hetty and the aunt of Sara. Olivia is the youngest of the King siblings. She is the more sensitive and social one of Sara's two aunts and is a big sister figure to Sara. She learns to stand on her own feets and marries Jasper Dale, despite Hetty's disapproval. She and Jasper get a little boy named Montgomery in season 3.

Jasper Dale~ Jasper is a shy photographer with a stutter, he is also a talented inventor who wins the heart of Olivia King. Jasper may be akward and socialy inkept, but he has a heart of gold and loves both Avonlea as Olivia. He and Olivia getting married in season 2, and they get a little boy named Montgomery in season 3.

Alex and Janet King~ Janet is a independent-minded woman. She is the wife of Alex King and they have four children, Felicity, Felix, Cecily and little Daniel, who is adorable. Janet is not afraid to speak her mind and express her opinion about family, financial and political issues.
Alex King is the eldest son of the King family, brother of Hetty and Olivia King and uncle of Sara. He is married with Janet and they have four children, the names you know by now already. He is a devoted husband, father and friend. Alex is proud to be a farmer, he wants to leave the farm to Felix, but Felix has other plans in his mind. So, Alex is considering to give the farm to Cecily, who loves the farm more than Felix.

Gus Pike~ Gus is a young vagabond who grows to earn the respect and love of the Avonlea townfolks. In spite of his humble beginnings, he also manages to win the love of Felicity King. Gus lives in a firehouse. He's got humor and a funny accent. He used to play the violin, but it disappeard. 

And you have got the Pettibone's who arrived in season 4. Izzy and her brother Morgan, become friends with Felix. The eldest, Arthur, yes the one who looks angry in the picture above, takes an interest in Felicity, but eventually gives up and went to school again. Glad that is over. 
Izzy is a kind girl, a tomboy. I hope she will wear dresses through the seasons. I like her just who she is, but I would love to see her in a dress. 

(I guess there will be a romance between Izzy and Felix through the seasons. :) It's just a guess, I will see)

Rachel and Marilla from Anne of Green Gables do also appear in the series, in quite a lot of episodes.
Gilbert Blythe appears in episode 13 of season 3, which is such a sad episode.
Muriel Stacey appears in some episodes of the seasons. 
And the actress who played Katherine Brooke in Anne of Green Gables, plays Janet's sister Abigail in Road to Avonlea. Isn't that funny?

La-di-da, now we had all the characters. There are more, but they only have small roles.

 Here's a video, just to meet a little bit of the characters.

Opening credits season 3.

And season 5...

So, what do you think about Road to Avonlea? Have you seen it? 

For everyone who didn't see the show yet, do watch it, it is a good serie to watch.

Yours Truly, Rachel


  1. This looks like such a cool show! The review and the pictures are so nice!

    1. It is such a lovely serie!! If you haven't watch it MovieCritic, you must. :) I'm not forcing anything, but I would be worth watching. :)

  2. *raises hand* Yes, I've seen Road to Avonlea! My sister owns all but one of the seasons. (Season six she found to sad to own. However, it has one of the cutest episodes in my mind.)

    Going through each of the characters was a great way of reviewing the show. I think you should highlight a few of your favorite episodes while they are all still fresh in you mind. This post has made me want to watch them all again. :D

    Well done, Rachel!


    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Cordy!

      I haven't watched season six yet, I will see.

      Maybe I will do that, that is a good idea Cordy, to highlight my favorite episodes. I think I will.

  3. Oohh Rachel, Road To Avonlea has to be my all time favorite t.v. series EVER ^.^

    Gus is so sweet. He's my favorite guy character.

    " Felix King~ Welcome to the road of trouble." You mad me laugh out loud XD!

    This was lovely Rachel! Nice job!

    1. Mine too! *high five girl*

      Gus sure is sweet. He is my favorite guy character, next to Felix.

      Felix is a dear and funny lad.

      Thank you for your comment Miss Woodhouse.