Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Gentleman Tag

Hi there! I'm back again. It's been a while.

I've been tagged by this lovely blogger who has a very beautiful blog. :) It's Hannah Joy , thank you sweetie.

Let's do this tag, I'm excited. :D

The rules (because we just have to have them):

1. Fill out ALL the answers, which makes sense
2. Link to the tagger her/his blog
3. Tag a minimum of 3 other bloggers
4. You may use the tagger her/his header or create your own

#1 What are some gentlemanly character traits that you admire?

At first, kindness and caring, which is very important. Respectful and someone who loves a laugh.

#2 Show us a photo of your favorite period drama costume for a gentleman!
 This is an costume I kinda like. :)

#3 Who's your favorite fictional gentleman?

No idea....

#4 With facial hair of without facial hair?

Both. :)

#5 Favorite quote or saying from a fictional/period drama/modern hero
Such a cute scene. And the qoute of Mr Darcy...

#6 Who is a modern on screen/fictional gentleman you admire?

I can't get on an answers...there are a lot...

#7 Name traits/habits you consider very un-gentlemanly

If they not eat probably, when they are full of themselves and when they don't pay more attention to their phone then you and others.

#8 Do you have a gentleman in your life? (father, uncle, friend, brother etc.) ?

Yes, I do. My father and my brothers. And some friends I know.

And now it has come to an end. Hope you enjoyed!

And I tag:

Ruth at Amongst Spring Blossoms
Rebekka at It's a Wonderful Life
And anyone who wants to do it!


  1. Oh oh that last pic! What movie is that from?!

    1. I have no idea. Saw it on pinterest and I thought, what a cute picture, let's put it on here. :)

  2. I agree with #1! That is very important. :)

  3. Yay, love your answers! oh, and my middle name is Joy, my first name is Hannah! You're welcome!

    1. Thank you! Oh...I changed it. :) This was such a lovely tag to do!

  4. Such a cute tag!! I might have to steal it. :) :) I haven't blogged in so longgg..