Monday, July 3, 2017

New (blue) Blog Look + Tag

I changed my header again. :)

What do you think?
I am sorry this one is coming a little bit (very) to late. I just keep delaying it. I shouldn't do it, but this is a very hard tag. Well, here it is. I guess I actually don't really look or be a little bit like the characters I chose, but I tryed it.

I have been tagged by MovieCritic and Anna Holmberg. Thank you both for tagging me, I'm sorry for this late and delayed tag.

Here it is.

Character 1: Lady Rose McClare

We share the same hair colour and a few of her personalities, not a lot, but quite a few. 

Character 2: Demelza Crane
I am not quite like her, but I can be bold just like her and I can be very angry on very little things. I mostly stay at the background, but not always. 

Character 3: Constance 
I can stand up for myself, just like her, I can be kind and scared. I can be bold too, like her. 

Character 4: Jo March
 I like books, I am not shy and I don't like dancing, just like Jo. We might not be really just like each other, but I can relate myself to Jo. 


  1. Fun answers, Rachel! And you're right. This IS a hard tag. At least I find it so. I was tagged for it weeks ago and still haven't gotten around to doing it. Don't feel bad for being late. :)

    The new look is BEAUTIFUL! As always. Love all the blue. <3

  2. Lovely! And that is a great header. Whenever I see that Cinderella dress, I am re-amazed at how wonderfully huge and poofy the skirt is! :)

    1. Thank you dear! <3

      I love that dress, it's so blue and huge and lovely.

  3. Ooohh It's lovely Rachel!! I absolutly LOVE your background!! And all your header pictures match so well!!

  4. I love your new header! (Blue is my favorite color!)

    Thanks for doing the tag! I only know of Rose and Jo, but the others look like cool characters!!!!

    1. Thanks dear! <3

      Rose is my favourite DA character.

  5. Love the header! Blue is such a beautiful color. And there is a Poldark picture in it :) Yeah, Rose definitely has you hair color ;)

  6. I LOVE it, Rachel! The blue is so stunning.