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Poldark ~ Season 1 ~ Review

I will also review Poldark season 2, but for now, I will review the first season of Poldark. 

We are watching it right now, for the second time. My grandparents have lent the first season from their library and wanted to watch it for a very long time. So, here we are, watching Poldark again.

Sadly, it is almost over again. It has 8 episodes, which is very short.

It is set in 1780s in Cornwall, which absolutely an gorgeous location which I must visit one day. Ross Poldark returns from the American War of Independence to find his father dead, his house in ruins and his sweetheart is engaged to his cousin. 
Finding out that his sweetheart is engaged with his cousin, breaks Ross heart and isn't the old Ross anymore. He assumed after he returned from the war, Elizabeth, his sweetheart, still be there, waiting for him to get back. Instead she gets on with her life and is to be married to his cousin, which name is Francis. 

Now, Francis is a horrible person. When we first saw Poldark, my mind about him was very quick to judge. It changed through out season 2. He marries Elizabeth, but struggles by the idea Elizabeth is still loving Ross. Elizabeth claims she doesn't love Ross anymore, but Francis still doesn't believe in her. Instead, he gambles his mine, often visit the Red Lion and break any contact with Ross.
Source: Pinterest (Elizabeth Poldark)
Ross has left Elizabeth aside, which I am glad about. Guess what, he meets Demelza. :) 
In a dog fight. A very strange meeting, I can assure you. Ross is thinking she is a girl, but instead she is a woman. Okay, at the first beginning she looks actually like a kid, but that changed. Happily. She used to wear her brother's clothing, to escape her father. And then she becomes Ross his servant, which becomes a romance. 
Source: Pinterest (Demelza Carne)

Ross and Demelza are getting married in episode 3, which is lovely. I love them as a couple. There are coming a lot of difficult things in their marriage, but it always, mostly, ends good.
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And then we have Jud and Prudie, which are the funniest and laziest couple of Poldark. They where good friends of Ross his father, but they took advantage of his death, living in his house and leave it dirty and not cleaned. Then Ross returns and they have to work for him. Which displease them. 
Like Jud would say: ''T'int fit, T'int right, T'int fair, T'int proper.''
Source: Pinterest (Prudie and Jud)
Verity Poldark is a sweetheart. She is kind, always see the joy in anything, even wen it gets wrong and always takes care of everything. She is unmarried, has no children, but wants to find love hardly. Everyone says it is not possible for her, because she is over the 30. But she always keep believing and eventually she finds love, that gives her a lot of trouble. 
Who can't like Verity?
Source: Pinterest (Verity Poldark)
There are a lot of more characters, best friend of Ross, Dr. Dwight Enys, the miners, the investors and a lot more.

The nature, the houses, the scenery, the horses, everything is beautiful. 

The actors and actresses did an amazing job of playing the characters. 

Ruby Bentall (Verity) also plays Minnie Mude in Lark Rise to Candleford.

Aidan Turner (Ross) and Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza) are married in real life. 

The series are based upon the book of Winston Graham.

All the mines and roofs are studio creations.

Aidan Turner (Ross) can dance very good.

Aidan Turner (Ross) hates gym and is not a fan of social media.

Eleanor Tomlinson's (Demelza) brother is named Ross.

Demelza's dog Garrick is Eleanor Tomlinson's real dog, which name is Burt Bacharach.

Have you seen Poldark????


  1. Oh my goodness! They're married in real life? *Gasp!* No I have not seen this show, and probably won't anytime in the near future, but that was a shocker! I recognized Aidan Turner from "The Hobbit" movies where he played Kili the dwarf and I was very surprised! Interesting bit of trivia! :)

    1. I such a lovely serie to watch! It would be worth it, to watch it.

      Yeah, he plays in The Hobbit, I'm not a fan of The Hobbit, never seen it.

    2. Hmm...I'll have to consider it! :)

      The Hobbit is a very fun movie; but it's a lot different than the book "The Hobbit." It's good, but not the very best movie I've ever seen!

    3. You should. It's so lovely. Worth watching. :)

      I haven't seen The Hobbit.

  2. Where did you hear that Aiden and Eleanor are married in real life?

    1. I don't remember anymore.

      If I can ask? Why the question? Did I heard it wrong?

  3. What a lovely review Rachel!

    No, I have not seen Poldark, although I would love to!!

    Oh it has Minnie in it!! I must see it now ;)!!

    This was very nice!!

    1. Thank you Miss Woodhouse!

      It is a very lovely and interesting serie to watch. WATCH IT. :)

      She plays such a good character in the serie.

  4. This looks like a series I will have to see! Nice review!

    1. It is such a good and lovely serie to watch. :)


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    1. Thank you El! Also thank you for following my blog.

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