Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Anne of Green Gables Game ~ Answers

Here are the answers of the Anne of Green Gables game!

Thank you all for playing! (I know it must have been a easy game.)

The right answers are in thick and black letters. (10 points for each correct answer)

1. If Mrs Lynde is surprised in chapter 1 and Matthew Cuthbert is surprised in chapter 2, who is surprised in chapter 3?

A:  Marilla Cuthbert
B: Mrs Spencer

 2. What name would Anne rather be called by?

A: Cordelia
B: Cornelia

 3. What does Anne call the pond near the Barry’s house?

A: The Lake of Shining Waters
B:  The Lake of Beautiful Waters

4. What one part of her personal appearance is Anne unable to imagine away?

A: Her freckles
B: Her red hair 
5. What does Gilbert call her on their first meeting?

A: Crowhead
B: Carro

6. What does Anne call her ‘lot in life’ from her previous unhappy homes?
A: Called carrots
B: Twin children

 7. How does Anne describe Mrs Blewett after Marilla decides not to hand her over to her?
A: A harpy
B: A gimlet
8. When Marilla tells the reluctant Anne to say her prayers, how does Anne end her prayer?

A: Much love, Anne Shirley
B: Yours respectfully, Anne Shirley
9. What is the name of Anne's bosom friend?

A: Jane
B: Diana
10. Why doesn’t Anne like sewing or cooking?

A: Too many rules to obey
B: No scope for the imagination 
11. What piece of jewellery does Marilla accuse Anne of losing?

A: Her pearl brooch
B: Her amethyst brooch
12. Anne saves little Minnie May’s life, what illness does she have?

A: Whooping Cough
B: Croup
13. What happens when Anne and Diana race to the spare bed and jump on it?

A: They break the bed in two
B: They land on aunt Josephine
14. Matthew loses his nerve when buying Anne a dress, what does he buy instead?

A: A bag of hayseed and a wheelbarrow
B: A garden rake and 20lbs of brown sugar 
15. Whose poem are the girls re-enacting when Anne’s boat sinks and she is rescued by Gilbert?

A: Wordsworth
B: Tennyson
16. What was Anne's least favourite subject?

A: Geometry
B: Algebra
17. When tragedy strikes Green Gables what flowers is Anne holding that she can never bear the sight or smell of again?

A: Apple blossom
B: White narcissus
18. What does Anne sacrifice for Marilla and Green Gables?

A: Her scholarship

B: Her teaching job
19. As Anne’s horizons close what does she look forward to when she imagines her future?

A: Calm, steady days
B: The bend of the road
Players score:
Miss Woodhouse: 95
Anna Holmberg: 95
Molly Rebekah: 95
Elanor: 90
Cordy: 90
Ruth Elizabeth: 90
Miss March: 90
Meredith: 90
Rebekka: 90
Naomi Sarah: 85
Ruth: 80

Thank you all for playing this game!!