Sunday, July 23, 2017

Road to Avonlea ~ Favorite Episodes

(Sorry for the fuzziness in some pictures)

Season 1, episode 6: Proof of the Pudding

Season 1, episode 10: The Witch of Avonlea

Season 2, episode 2: How Kissing was Discoverd

Season 2, episode 6: May the best man win

Season 2, episode 8: Sea Ghost

Season 2, episode 9: All that glitters
 Season 2, episode 12: A Mother's Love

Season 2, episode 13: Misfits and Miracles

Season 3, episode 2: Felix and Blackie

Season 3, episode 4 and 5: When she was bad, she was horrid

Season 3, episode 7: A Dark and Stormy Night

Season 3, episode 8: Friends and Relations

Season 3, episode 12: The Calamitious Courting of Hetty King

Season 4, episode 2: The Lady and the Blade

Season 4, episode 3: Incident at Vernon River

Season 4, episode 7: The Dinner

Season 4, episode 10: Felicity's Perfect Beau

Season 4, episode 13: Heart and Home

Season 5, episode 1: Fathers and Sons

Season 5, episode 3: Modern Times

Season 5, episode 5: Strictly Melodrama

Season 5, episode 6: The Great Race

Well, those are my favourite episodes. We almost finished season 5, but the site didn't work where we were watching Road to Avonlea. It still doesn't work. We also haven't seen season 6 and 7, just because the site isn't working. Dreadfully, but we have to life with it. 
It has been quite a while since we watched episode 6 from season 5, but the reason I am doing this post is because Cordy, an amazing blogger, has left a lovely comment on my Road to Avonlea post, saying that it would be a lovely idea to highlight some of my favourite episodes of Road to Avonlea. So, I decided to take her idea for a blog post, I should have done it much sooner, and her it is. 



  1. Yay!! You did the post!! :D

    I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to finish watching through season six and seven but you still have some great episodes listed!!

    A few more comments here:
    S2 Ep2: Felicity darling, you'll grow up in time. Hahaha.
    S2 Ep6: Thank goodness the best man DID win! :)
    S3 Ep2: Oh, my! Really?! It's so heartbreaking!!
    S3 Ep 4&5: Gus is so sweet in taking care of Sara in this episode. Gus is just sweet in general, isn't he?
    S4 Ep2: Haha, the Lady and the Blade. Good choice!

    Thanks for doing the post for me, Rachel! I hope you'll be able to finish your watching sometime!!


    1. It was fun making this post.

      I am sure I will finish watching the serie. :)

      Yeah, she sure will.

      I am also glad that the best man did win.

      I really love the friendship between Felix and Blackie. The episode really shows that you have to life with the consequences of life.

      Gus is a sweet lad. He is taking care of everyone.

      I enjoyed making this. I hope so too! Thank you for the inspiring idea!!!

  2. This looksk like such a good show! Now I really want to watch it!

    1. It is a good show MovieCritic! Do watch it. Not forcing anything, but it is quite a lovely show.

  3. I just watched the movie, I believe it's the same as season 1, and I confess I was not impressed...though I freely admit that is almost wholly because it is loosely based on The Story Girl and The Golden Road by L. M. Montgomery, and I read them both first, so I was comparing it too much to them. I believe I could enjoy it if I watched it for its own sake!
    What do you say, Rachel, it seems you recommend them. Should I watch the rest? Do you like the rest of the seasons better than the first in any ways? Please give me your opinion on watching it as a whole! I'd love to hear what you think!
    (Also. That first one, the pudding one, is hilarious. And it is in the books! Well, they kinda took 2 scenes and put them together. But still! I agree that it deserves this list. :)

    1. Oh really, the books seems lovely. I must say there were quite a lot of episodes I did not liked.

      It's a lovely serie, but I did liked it when I watched it, especially when the children get older. In the beginning it was quite boring, but you just have to watch it further to actually like it.

      I would definitely watched the entire serie, it's so lovely. Some episodes are not so fun as the rest, but quite a lot are lovely and funny. :) Sadly enough I can't watch season 6 and 7 anymore, because they have been removed from the site we used to look the serie on. :( But I quess it's just so lovely and funny as the rest of the seasons.

      The pudding scene is quite hilarious! I agree!
      I must read the books one day, they seems lovely.

      Thank you for your comment Rae, it's lovely to hear from you again. <3 <3 <3