Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dressing Downton

The costumes of DA is my favourite topic.

So, I decided to make a post about it, and here it is.

I will guide you to the costumes of DA. :-) 

1. Lady Rose MacClare/Aldridge

Rose is wearing simple, yet beautiful outfits

2. Lady Mary Crawley

Mary's outfits are elegant, yet beautiful

3. Lady Sybil Crawley/Branson

Sybil wears the loveliest, yet elegant outfits :-)

4. Lady Edith Crawley/Pelham

Edith doesn't always wears beautiful outfits, but she has a few who are very elegant

5. Lady Cora Crawley

Cora had the most elegant, yet pretty outfits

Then you have the servants, but they didn't wear such bright and colourful outfits. In their day off they could wear such outfits.

6. Anna Smith/Bates

Anna wears simple, yet elegant outfits
7. Daisy Robinson/Mason

Daisy also wears simple, yet elegant outfits
The not so pretty dresses of DA

Right, I have done the most of the dresses. The men's outfits are like the same, so I don't do them. :-)

You have Mrs Hughes, Mrs Patmore, Violet Crawley, and all the other ladies, but I won't do them.

At least, a gif of darling Sybil



  1. The dresses are all so beautiful!!!!!!! Rose outfits are my favourites. :)

  2. LOVE THESE COLLAGES!!! Lady Rose and Lady Mary's have the best one, but Lady Sybils are gorgeous too. :-)

    1. Thanks!! Yah, Sybil's dresses are beautiful too. :D

  3. I like Rose and Anna's dresses best, I think. Very interesting! I've only seen a few eps of DA, but the costumes definitely stunned me in the ones I saw. Gorgeous.

    BTW, I nominated you for the Liebster Award here. Play if you want to :-)

    1. Thanks dear! Going to check your blog right now. :D