Monday, August 15, 2016

Another Happy Tag - The Actress Game-Answers!

Beautiful picture, isn't it?

So, I finally returned from a two-week holliday. I was logging in on my blogger and read all of the posts my dear friends have posted. I will try to comment, I will. My dear friend Cordy has tagged me with the 'I Grew Up With' Tag! 

First of all, thank you dear Cordy for tagging me!

Use the Tag picture (optional)
Answer the questions
Tag (at least) two other bloggers

                                             Book characters I Grew Up with:
                                 Anne Shirley and Diana Barry (from the Anne of Green Gables series)
                                                 Sisters Penderwick (from The Penderwicks)
                                                         Eliza Wyatt (from Hidden Places)
                                                         Alice Ripley (from Wonderland Creek)
              Will & Company (from the Ranger's Apprentice, I didn't read all of the books, a few)
                                                            Rosemary (from Rosemary series)

                                               Family Food I Grew Up with:
                                 Shepred's Pie (my mom always made it on a special day.)
                                                   Pasta (simple and delicious)
                                                                 Coco Ball

                                         TV Shows I Grew Up with:

                                                          Liberty's Kids
                                     Samson & Gert (Dutch television movies)
                          Ephriam & Seth (little episodes about things about the bible)

                                Careers I Wanted While I Was Growing Up:

                                                                       A nurse
                                                                      An Actress
                                                    (usually when I watched a movie)

                                         Hobbies or Lessons I Grew Up with:
                                                      German (I still can't speak it)
                                                    Swimming lessons
                                                    Piano (I can read some notes, but not all)
                                                    Ballet lessons (It was for a while)

Thank you again for the tag Cordy! It was wonderful!

Right, on to the answers.

1. Julie Andrew        



2. Melissa Gilbert

3. Laura Carmichael

4. Lily James

5. Julia Sawalha

6. Kate Winslet

7. Kiera Knightley


8. Megan Follows


9. Maggie Smith

10. Cate Blanchett

11. Elizabeth McGovern

12. Jennifer Ehle

13. Lucy Griffiths


14. Romola Garai

15. Kimberley Nixon

16. Claire Foy


17. Judi Dench

18. Anne Hathaway

19. Grace Kelly

20. Helena Bonham Carter

Players Score:

Noami Sarah: 180 1/2, because Claire counts too. :)
Ruth Elizabeth: 160
Ruth: 150
Rae: 90
MovieCritic: 40

Thank you all for playing! I enjoyed it!     



  1. Yay, it's good to have you back! :-)

  2. Heyyy, you're back! Welcome back!
    Well, I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with actresses. 90 points, not great, not bad. :) It was a fun game, though!

  3. You wanted to be a nurse? That's sweet. What are you wanting to do now?
    *sigh* Language classes. I've taken them too, but I still can't speak the languages. Haha, at least I'm not alone!
    I hope you had a lovely holiday and I'm glad you enjoyed the tag. :D

    1. I really want to work with horses and children. I just can't choose. :) My holliday is over by now, but thanks for asking, I enjoyed it a lot.