Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Little Dorrit - Review

I'm back from a five day vacation. I'll make a post about that later. First a review.
My family and I recently watched this mini-serie again. And YES, YES, it's wonderful. It's my favourite mini-serie all time. We watched it for the third time. You absolutely fall in love with this version. There is another version, the 1987, but I don't like it, however I never have seen it, only the trailer. I stick with the 2008 version.
The story is about Amy Dorrit, who spends her days earning money for her family and looking after her father, who is a long term inmate of Marshalsea debtor's prison in London. Amy and her family's world is transformed when she meets the son of Mrs. Clennam, she works for her, Arthur Clennam. 
Claire Foy as Amy Dorrit
She's such a wonderful character. My favourite. She is a sweet, beautiful, kind and caring young woman. Amy, otherwise known as little Dorrit, lives in the Marshalsea Prison with her father, William. She works as a seamstress by Mrs. Clennam. While working every day, Amy meets Arthur, Mrs. Clennam's son. They become close friends. Soon after there meeting, Amy falls in love with Arthur, but he doesn't see it. 
Matthew MacFayden as Arthur Clennam
Some of you might not like Matthew MacFayden because of is Mr. Darcy, but I do. Arthur is kind and generous. He returns to England after his father died on a ship. Arthur wants to find a new life and happiness in England. He also intends to uncover the truth about the Clennam family's past and secrets. Arthur is sometimes a fool, but not always. Why you ask? Because he doesn't see that Amy loves him. 
Emma Pierson as Fanny Dorrit
Fanny is Amy's sister. She's a dancer in a down at heel theater. She's mean, kind and sometimes funny. Fanny always gets what she wants. She marries with Edmund Sparkler, however she doesn't love him. She marries him for the money and because he loves her. I think.
Tom Courtenay as William Dorrit
William is the longest serving inmate of the Marshalsea Prison for Debt and is very proud of his title, ''Father of the Marshalsea". I must say he whines a lot, especially to Amy, but you know, he's an old man. I feel sorry for him and Amy. At the end of the movie he died. Poor Amy, she's so fond of her father. He must be happy to have a daughter like her. Anyway, we don't talk about Amy, but William.
Sebastian Armesto as Edmund Sparkler
I always call him 'absolutely Edmund', because he always say it. Edmund is a thoroughly well-meaning funny young man, but he isn't always smart. He adores Fanny and is totally happy when she accepts his hand. He calls his mother 'mater'. 
Georgia King as Pet Meagles
She is the ridiculously pretty and spoilt daughter of Mr. Meagles. She is giddy with the excitement of having two suitors, Henry Gowan and Arthur Clennam. She finally choose Henry Gowan. I think I'm glad about that, because I don't imagine it that Pet marries with Arthur. We must think about Amy, mustn't we? When we watched the serie for the first time, I didn't liked Pet at all. But I felt sorry for her.
Eve Myles as Maggy
Maggy is one of the Marshalsea regulars- her late mother was a nurse there, and Maggy continues to live round the corner from the prison. Maggy fell ill at the age of ten years old and suffered brain-damage as a result. Now twenty-eight, she still hast the mental age of ten year old. Maggy has adopted Amy as ''Little Mother''. Maggy is kind, sweet and funny.
Eddie Marsan as Mr. Pancks
On the surface, rent-collector Mr. Pancks seems like a pretty heartless man, but he's a true dective and is not always mean. He is blamed to take away much money from the poor people. Pancks is working for Mr. Casby, who is actually the villain. Everyone is scared for him when he comes to collect the rent, shouting 'payday'. Or was it 'rent'? Never mind.
Andy Serkis as Rigaud
Self-confessed cold-blooded murder, Rigaud, is the villain of the story.  Rigaud is a French man. He is an man who roams about Europe looking for innocent victims to sink his teeth into- wheter to rob, blackmail or cheat. He's a creepy and mean man. Andy Serkis isn't French at all, just English.
Judy Parfitt as Mrs. Clennam
Judy Parfitt Sister Monia Joan plays de old, grumpy and harsh Mrs. Clennam. She has been paralysed and confined to her room for a dozen years. She's unkind to her only child, Arthur, who isn't her real child, but she adopted him. At the end of the serie, Mrs. Clennam dies of a heart attack after her house collapses. 
Russell Tovey as John Chivery
John is assistant Turnkey of the Marshalsea Prison. He is the son of Mr. Chivery. John takes everything very serious, but especially his passionate and undying love for his childhood friend, Amy Dorrit. However, despite being somewhat scared, he's kind and caring, looking always out for others. 
Arthur Davill as Edward Dorrit and James Fleet as Frederick Dorrit
Edward 'Tip' is the brother of Amy and Fanny. He is both rakish and dissolute. He has no sense of responsibility and is always running up large gambling depts. He cares a lot about money, and is sometimes, mostly ungrateful. Frederick is William's brother. He plays the clarinet in the orchestra of a down at a theatre. He's a gentle, kind and caring man.
Bill Paterson as Mr Meagles and Janine Duvitski as Mrs Meagles
Mr Meagles is a jovial, convivial man who puts his family above all else. A self-made business man. Mrs Meagles is a simple, good-hearted woman who enjoys being a doting wife and mother. They both disagree with the marriage of their daughter Pet with Henry Gowan. They rather see her married with Arthur Clennam.
Maxine Peake as Miss Wade and Freema Agyeman as Tattycoram
I still don't understand the connection between Miss Wade and Tattycoram. Miss Wade is weird, scary and myssirsdysterious woman. Although a loner, she takes a great interest in Tattycoram. I don't like her at all. Tattycoram is a young servant girl who'syoungtattys been brought up ht up as companion to Pet Meaeagles.
Anton Lesser as Mr Merdle and Amanda Redman as Mrs Merdle
Mr Merdle is the Man of the Age, the richest man in London. However, it seems he doesn't like it at all. Mr Merdle is kind, a little bit boring and quiet. Mrs Merdle is a striking and magnificent woman, married to the rich Mr Merdle (who is her second husband). I don't like her. She's a terrible snob, and cares greatly for what the Society thinks. 
Alex Wyndham as Henry Gowan
Henry Gowan will do whatever he can to ensure himself an easy life. He calls himself a artist but shows little dedication to the proffesion. Henry set his sights on the pretty Pet Meagles but finds a rival for her affections in Arthur Clennam. I don't like him. His dog Lion is nice dog. 

So, a long list. There are more characters, maybe I will do them next time. Little Dorrit review part 2.
Fanny without make-up!!!!! Isn't this pretty?
~Yours Truly, Rachel 




    Authur is a darling and Matthew McFayden is just perfect as him. And him and Amy are so so so cute. :-) (AND JOHN CHIVERY. MY DARLING BOY. :-(((( )
    Sparkler is one of my favourite characters; he's hilarious.
    (And yes, isn't Fanny pretty in that scene, with her hair down? I also love her robe.)

    Lovely review - this movie is so good. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    PS This is a VERY random question, and pardon me if it sounds creepy; but are you and Ruth from ( sisters?

    1. Yah, we are sisters. :D It doesn't sounds creepy at all.

    2. I knew it! Especially now since you both wrote a review of Little Dorrit around the same time. :-D

  2. Yes. Ruth only wrote the review of Little Dorrit before me. :)