Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Period Drama's I don't like

You already know I love Period Dramas. But there are some Period Dramas I DON'T like at all. Here are they. (They aren't in particular order.)

1. Les Miserables
Despite that the setting and costumes are nice, I don't like this musical. They sing every word. Normally I love musicals, but this one isn't so great. The music and the actors are great, I must admit. I know this movie is full of history, but I don't like it.
(sorry Les Miserables fans!)

2. Persuasion 2007
I watched this movie a long time ago. Ew. I know Jane Austen wrote it, but this movie isn't so nice. And it's quite boring, I must say. The costumes and settings are nice, but the actors?! EEEWWW. I'm sorry.

3. The Paradise (BBC)
I must admit I like this Period Drama series a little bit. Maybe because the costumes, the setting and the houses are so beautiful. Some of the scenes really annoyed me. And I love some of the actors who plays in the series. Ruby Bentall, Matthew McNulty and Peter Wight. They don't play such annoying roles. They play nice and kind roles. The rest of the actors I don't like, despite they wear nice costumes. :)

4. Our Mutual Friend (BBC)
This movie is creepy. I watched the whole show. Again the costumes were great. I loved it that Keeley Hawes and Peter Wight played in it. But it was very CREEPY (dead bodies in a lake, seriously BBC?) The characters are creepy too. And they kiss very much, BLEH.

5. A Room With A View
I didn't watched this whole movie. It was very boring. In the beginning in this movie there was a weird scene where two men are fighting and one of them dies. You don't know what happens. I really liked it that Helena Bonham Carter, Judi Dench and Maggie Smith played in it. They were so young. But anyway, I don't like this Period Drama. The costumes were again beautiful.
6. Silk
When I saw this movie, I wanted too look it, but as soon we watched it, I was very desappointed. It was boring and there were too much kissing and bedroom scenes. Don't watch this one. I'm just warning you.

Now you know. I'm sorry if I offended you or bashed your favourite movie. (Please don't take it personally, these movie just aren't my favourite's.)
Be happy! :)



  1. I completely agree with some of these... BUT I LOVE THE PARADISE!! :-D (At least, the first two episodes; which is all I've seen so far.)

  2. The 2007 Persuasion doesn't please me in all ways, but then, Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen book, so it would probably be impossible to completely please me with a film version (unless I wrote the screenplay and directed it, lol). I like the 1995 better, but it has storytelling issues and doesn't completely please me either.

    I also love the book A Room with a View, and the movie isn't as good, as I recall, though I haven't seen it in a long time, and would rather like to revisit it.

    I probably wouldn't have liked Les Mis as a teen. Then again, I really loved listening to all of The Phantom of the Opera as a teen (and eventually quite liked the movie when it came out when I was in my 20s), and I loved Evita from the first moment I saw it at age 18, so maybe I would have liked Les Mis too, as both of those are also operettas (lighter than an opera, but still, basically every line is sung like it would be in an opera).

    I haven't seen the others, so no comment :-)

  3. I like the first two, but I haven't watched the rest (though I've heard they're not the best, haha) :P

    1. Thank you all for your opinions and comments!! :D

  4. I have seen the first two that you said, and I do not like them! ESPECIALLY Les Mis.