Monday, July 4, 2016

Robin Hood BBC- A Review

The show itself is amazing, funny, exciting and very differen than the books. I love it. 
I must say I prefer Downton above Robin Hood. :)

The Music- I love it. The End.

The Set- The series is filmed in Hungary. What? I always expected that it was set in Sherwood Forest (the real Sherwood Forest), But suprising enough, it wasn't. Anyway, it's a beautiful setting. The castles, the nature and the village's. 

The costumes- They are lovely. However some of them aren't really medieval.

On to the characters. My favourite part of this post.

Lucy Griffiths as Lady Marian
Marian is my favourite character in the whole series. I love her. She's kind, sweet and sometimes very stubborn. Marian is the daughter of the former sherrif of Nottingham. In contrast to most Robin Hood legends, she is not described as Maid Marian, but rather Lady Marian. Marian was engaged with Robin before he went to fight in the crusades. When he returns, she is visibly cold and aloof towards him. She fights against the new sherrif, disguising herself as the Night Watchman, giving the poor food and supplies. A dangerous job. 
Season 2 was Marian's last appearance. She died. No, why! She tries to save the King's life. I won't talk about it, it's so sad.*cries*
Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood
Robin Hood was the Lord of Locksley and the Earl of Huntingdon, before he went to the crusades. He is a outlaw. We often see him as thoughtful and brave, but he is also known for being arrogant, naive and for risking people's lives for his own glory. Robin isn't my favourite male character in the series, but I like him.
Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne
Guy is a dark, brooding man always dressed in black leather. Guy is the  new sherrif's  second-in-command, and manages the Locksley estate after Robin is outlawed. He is the suitor of Marian, but she does not return his affections. I'm glad of that, because I don't really like Guy, he creepy and mean. Even to Marian. In season 3 he is a little bit kind, but sad. 
Keith Allen as Vaisey of Nottingham
Vaisey is the new sherrif of Nottingham. He such a mean person. But he is funny, really funny. He is a control freak and sociopath. He brands Robin and his followers outlaws. A villain who you love to hate! Keith did a perfect job as casting the mean and cold Vaisey.

 Joe Armstrong as Allan A Dale: He is an expert robber with a sarcastics and funny nature. Allan first joined the gang when Robin saved him from hanging. Not long after a year, being captured and tortured by Guy of Giborne, Allan begins selling Guy information. After Robin finds out that he has turned as a traitor, Allan goed to work with Guy of Gisborne as his right hand. 

Sam Throughton as Much: Much is Robin's former manservant and good friend who followed his master to the crusades. He is sometimes daft, forever hungry, and forever committed to both Robin and his cause.

Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlett: Will is the youngest member of the group, nineteen years. He is the son of Locksley's carpenter. His mother died from starvation and his father lost a hand in punishment after Will and his brother poached food to survive. He is quiet, shy, sometimes angry and has often a voice of reason. 

Anjali Jay as Djaq: Djaq is a Saracen slave who is being transported to work. Robin rescues them. Djaq's real name is Saffia, but she disguises herself as a boy by using her dead twin brother's name and appearance. She frequently proves herself logical and knowledgeable. 

Gordon Kennedy as Little John: His actual name is John Little. He is former resident of Locksley. John was outlawed many years ago; his wife Alice and son Little Little John believe that he is dead. He was the former leader of a outlaw group, until he meets Robin. 

Well, these are the main characters. There are more characters, I won't do them, it will be a boring post. 

~Yours Truly, Rachel~






  1. This show! Love it! Season 3 would have been great if not for Kate and Isabella. I hated them both, but Kate especially.


    *ahem* This is tied for my favorite TV show, so, yeah. Let's just say I was excited to see this post ;) And someone else who appreciates Marian!!!!! *high five*

  3. I really like your review, Rachel! I want to thank you so much for participating in my watch-along, it was really nice of you! You have such good opinions!
    Guy is pretty creepy at first, but then he gets better.

    1. Thank you!

      I loved it to participate!!!! It was so fun!
      Thank you! <3 <3 <3
      Yeah, he is. But he sure gets better, especially in season 3.