Monday, July 18, 2016

Cinderella (2015) - A Review

I know I have made already a review about the magical movie, but I decided to delete the other one and make a new one. So, here it is!
The movie is beautiful, magical, fun and exquisite. I love it!
The reason why I write this one, is that my family and I recently watched this movie and I wanted to make it better. :)
What I mostly like about the movie, is the nature, the characters, the horses :), the palace and....everything! Haha. Sorry, enough talking Rachel. No, we aren't finished yet. 
My sisters and I wanted too look this movie for a long time ago. When the trailer was here, I wanted too look this movie badly. I think because Lily James played in it.
I'm not a huge fan of the Cinderella version of 1950, but I'm a huge fan of the version 2015. Weird isn't it? 
The movie is directed by Kenneth Branagh. He is also going to directed the new version of Romeo and Juliet, played by Lily James and Richard Madden! Can you believe it, the prince and Cinderella playing Romeo and Juliet?
Who can't love this version of Cinderella. There are some people who stick with the animated version of 1950, but I'll stick with the 2015 one. :D

Look at these places!! I know they arent real, but they are lovely. Well, some of it is real, but it is also blended. Anyway, it's so lovely. I just want to life or just visit these wonderful places, although they aren't real. :D
And did I mention the ballroom? Oh dear, it's so lovely. With a big staircase, seventeen chandeliers, much lovely dresses and marble floors. It took months to build it. It was build in a studio where they also filmed James Bond. Not that I'm interested in James Bond.
And Cinderella's blue ball gown is gorgeous!!!! It is made of many layers of different blue. It took four months and they made three of them. Really, three? Oh, please give me one. It would be fantastic. Right, you can't have everything, isn't it? 
Blue is one of my favourite colour now, but pink is in the top. 

And the dancing, that is so splendid. I really love it. Cinderella is the only one that wears blue, you know, to be visible. And the prince thinks she is a princess!!! The stepmother and her two daughters, you will meet them soon, don't recognize her. But the prince do recognize her? Never mind.
There are two mistakes about these lovely pair of glass slippers. 
If Cinderella's glass slippers fits perfectly, how could it fallen off in the first place?

Why doesn't Ella's glass slippers transform into her brown shoes again after the stroke of midnight? Maybe I have seen it wrong.
The transforming was really magical. I love Helena Bonham-Carter as the fairy godmother. I think I love the blue gown more than the pink one. Of course magic doesn't exist, but it would be fun.
Right, enough. Let's take a look at the characters.
I love Cinderella. She's such a kind, sweet and caring girl. And I love her and prince Kit together. It was really sad when her mother died. After a year her father remarried with lady Tremaine and her daughters. And then her father dies.*cries* She has to work for her stepmother. So cruel. Poor Ella. Ella is Cinderella's real name, but her stepsisters called her Cinderella. Ella lives in proverty, she works hard and is unhappy. She escapes and went to the forest on horseback. And then she meets prince Charming. Hurray!!! :)
Prince Charming, better know as Kit, is a royal prince. He's nice and kind. And stubborn. Kit must marry with a princess. After he meets Cinderella, her organizes a ball, hoping to meet Cinderella again.
Cate Blanchett plays such a good evil stepmother. She's mean and unkind, I know. She marries only with Ella's father for his money. After he dies, she makes Ella a servant and let her work hard. But, I feel sorry for her. She has so much sorrow. Her first husband died and later her second husband. Ella's father left her with his house and his daughter. 
Oh, the septsisters are also evil, however they are sometimes kind. I love them. I especially love them because Daisy Sophie McShera played one of the stepsisters. They have such awful dresses and their hairstyles!!! 
Right, you all know how the movie ended. You can guess it, right?
Ella marries with prince Kit and they live happily ever after. Happy ending!!
Isn't the dress beautiful? I love it. Maybe I want a dress like this on my wedding day. Just a thought. :)
Well, the end of my review. I hope you enjoyed it!

~Yours Very Truly, Rachel~





  1. What a great review, Rachel! :-) Well done! :-)
    Yes, Cinderella is an AMAZING movie. I agree with you on pretty much everything; except that I don't REALLY feel very sorry for the stepmother. A leeeetle bit maybe. :-P

  2. Yesss!!! Cinderella is such a gorgeous movie!!! Great review. ;)

  3. Loved this! I'm working on mine! :D